Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Months Natural :)

So I took a picture or two of my hair. To be honest....I don't know to do with it hahaha! I kinda look like a hot mess. The curls are *there* but then there is all that extra nonsense like I just got out of bed. I am trying to figure out styles that I can wear, so I won't have to either two strand twist (which is not going to be attempted again, till my hair is longer - the struggle -) or banding all the time, which leaves like little balls of coils at the ends, that tends to get tangled up. Sounding like a hater am I? I don't hate my hair, just the length and difficulty since I am so use to working with longer hair. I just can't seem to find a good style to keep my hair in. But with all this I am still moving onward and upward with my hair journey. Just gotta learn to be patient (no but seriously hair, hurry up and grow! :D ).
Oh sorry if the last photo came out wrong like my hair has red ash in it or something. The light reflected against my natural color.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year One: No Relaxer Chronicles

Can you believe that it has been one year since I had used the cream of crack? I find this hilarious that I don't miss it so much, I totally forgot that December 7th was my one year anniversary of quitting that peeking habit. I will say it was pretty easy once I was ready to quit.

One year down, another to go. Looking good, strong and not going back!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Shrink and Growth

Talk about shrinkage (top photo). The bottom is my hair when I do the banding method. My hair is really growing a lot!

Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Months Natural! Wooo Hooo!!!

Happy 3 months of being natural. Woooo!!! I am still cream of crack free, not even thinking of it, not going back. Although my fro is still small, I can see the significant difference in it's growth. I am not a camera junkie, but I have been looking back and comparing the pictures I have. I will admit I love love my natural hair, but hate my length. I am a patient person, but when it comes to my hair I'm like "Damnit grow already!!!!". I still do my research of ways to promote healthy growth. I want to do this right. I have yet to straighten my hair with heat, and don't plan on it for another few months. I MAY straighten it for the Justin Timberlake concert in February. Yes I love me some JT and I am so stoked on seeing him (cheesin' like a mug lol).

I am still learning about my hair and will continue as it grows out. I plan on growing it as long as possible *cough butt level cough*. The one thing I don't like about my hair other than the length is shrinkage. I always felt that my hair was not long enough to twist or anything. Then again that's the lazy part of me talking. For the past few weeks, I've been unlazy and trying out ways to stretch my hair. So far I've put my hair up in twists...first time took me 2hrs, second time took only 1hr. My twists gives me good stretch, but it's what I took up recently that really takes my hair to the next level. Banding your hair to stretch it out. So far I've gotten a LOT of stretch from banding, and it only takes up little time. The thing that sucks is I am walking around looking like Loc Dog from Don't Be a Menace. So I try to stretch my hair when it's dry so it'll take less time to stretch out.

My boyfriend (I mentioned him a little bit before), whom I love with all my heart, soul, being, universe, etc is starting to like my hair. Few weeks ago he had confessed verbally that he didn't like my hair at first (well no shit Sherlock! You were giving me the cold shoulder lol) but now he's amazed by my growth and how soft my hair feels. He likes to play with my hair a little sometimes. Which I have no problem with even if he is white. It's my man, if he wants to run his fingers thru my curls, go right ahead. I couldn't be completely mad at him, I mean if I was a man who was use to my girl having long hair. Then all of a sudden she chops it, I would be a little mad too. I am happy that as my hair grows, it's growing on him. Hey maybe someday he can assist me in braiding or twisting my hair.

Well that's all I have to report for my update. I will continue on trying new methods and items. Keep doing what Im doing and I will try to track my progress better. Well see ya later gators! <3

Friday, November 22, 2013

Been switching it up to doing twist outs lately. Also been thinking of opening my instagram to show my progess....or I can just blog photo after photo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Single Strand Knots aka "Fairy Knots" The Struggle is Real

This post may be a bit more sloppy than my other posts, since I am blogging from my phone (have to love technology! ). I wanted to talk a little about a problem, that I have recently run in with my TWA. Now I am about 2 1/2 months natural and my hair is growing at such a good rate, even I and my friends can see the difference. But with every good thing, there is that bad. Single strand knots aka "Fairy knots". My TWA has recently for a few weeks acquired them and...I dont like sir I don't. I've been researching and looking up forums for a remedy.  One was to detangle the knot with a pin....I'm sorry what? I don't have time to try to jab a hole thru each knot. Another was to cut above the knot on each strand...simple enough I tried that and try to keep it moisturized. STILL getting these knots!

I am indeed frustrated since I cannot truly give my hair a proper trim. It's waaay to tight of a curl for me to do it and I live in a city where natural hair salons are an egnima. Most only know about perms or weaves, and will claim they can help when in reality butcher your head. So I have recently come up with an solution. Leave 'em be. Of course I have come up with some remedies that sets my mind at ease and could help you out too:

1 - Moisturize your strands *thoroughly*. Don't half ass it and just put a little in your hair and run through your hair once. Get a good amount of whatever moisturizer you use, work it well onto your scalp and strands. Forget that dime sized amount,  especially in the winter months.

2 - Use a good leave in. I don't mean run to the store and buy an expensive one. Buy a leave in that will aide in keeping your hair in check.

3 - This is optional but I heard finger detangling works better than a comb. I use a combo of both since I am not up to season with using my hands. So I do rely on my wide tooth more than my hands, to loosen up my hair while it is coated with conditioner during my wash. So some snap, crackle, pop will happen. But not much hair comes out not counting daily shed hairs, which is fairly minimum but will seek a protein treatment in the future since its been months since my last one.

4 - Ladies and gents, satin cap, silk scarf, satin pillow case. Nuff said. I think I will have to purchase a new bonnet, since my cats clawed at mine and I think the small rips are pulling at my strands.

5 - Optional but search and destroy if you can. That is all.

Other than try to moisturize your hair before you sleep, that's all that I have to help me out. My hair is still growing despite this, I am not going to sweat it out. Hopefully with me stepping up my moisture game, my strands will less likely to knot itself. As they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I have to learn that my hair is very curly, this will happen.

Until next time, happy hump day and have an awesome day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Product Review - Ion: Inspired by Nature Oil

A few days ago I took a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply, after receiving an 15% off coupon in my mail. I went to restock on the usual product, but then decided to take a detour to the "expensive" product isle of stuff that I don't need to drop money on or use. I felt the need to see if maybe I can switch up on a new oil, and then I came across this: Ion Inspired by Nature oil treatment. From what I read on the bottle its paraben free and 100% vegan (for those who are looking for a oil with less cow fat or something in their products). It has plants and natural oils within it (wow that sounded professional). This 4oz bottle was only $6, well a lil less thanks to my coupon. So I decided to pick it up and try it out. Gotta switch it up sometimes right?
Ok so I waited till wash day to try out this oil, went thru the basic shampoo, condition, towel dry and then dump many things on top so my fro won't dry up. The first time I used this, I underestimated how much of this oil to use. This oil is a wee bit thick and I put three pumps in my hair and it kinda made it look like I had a Jeri curl or something (remember that scene in Coming to America with the Soul Glo fam?). I know I joke with my boyfriend singing the Soul Glo song, but I wasn't serious haha. I wasn't ready to give up on this oil just yet.
The second time I washed my hair, went thru all the motions, this time only using 1-1/2 pumps and worked it thru my head. Success! *play some completion game music fanfare*. Now to go thru some pros and cons....
Pros - This oil has a nice thickness, dries pretty well after you apply it when you're done washing on wet hair. You only need a little bit of this product, unless you have tons of hair of course. It's as close to natural product for a good price, then you'll probably find at Sally's.
Cons - If you put too much of this on your strands, it will make you look like a grease ball (unless you like that look). It will take a long time to dry up off your hair. The smell to me was slightly funky like the wrong flowers was mixed together or something. But it doesn't last long so that's a plus.
I only been using this a few times and say it works best with wet hair instead of dry. It just sits there when your hair is dry. I give this a 4.5 out of 5. Well that's it for now. See ya on the flip side!
Ion Inspired by Nature Oil

Monday, October 28, 2013

Twist Out Results

Quick post of a twist out. This isn't over night, since I am in sort of a hurry. I wet my hair a little, put some leave in, twist in random sections, a lil bit of oil. Then I left it alone for an hour before blow drying at medium heat, then I took it down. Ya like?

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 2

Back with Pt 2! For this part I meant to put up a photo of my end result with my twist out. Unfortunately it slipped my mind to take pics, and the only photos of me with my hair out that day is in a dark restaurant. BUT soon as I get home from work, if I do twist my hair up before bed I will definitely show off. Other than that the end result I had to me was amazing, although I kinda looked like one of those oversized blush makeup brushes (lmao!!!). The twists really did stretch my hair out, not 100% but you can definitely tell. So I may try to add twists into my routine from time to time. I still do think and plan on safely flat ironing my hair as I was tempted before, but will not for a long long time.

As of 10/27/13, I've been natural for two months! Woohoo! Some thought I would hate it, but I absolutely love it! Even my friends love the curls. I am pretty sure my beautician would of thought I given up by now, but nope. Not going back to that cream of crack, don't need that harsh chemical on my head no more. To add I am not implying he is a terrible person. My beautician is a wonderful man, who did my hair since I was a child. But times have changed and some sacrifices had to be made. I do miss sitting in his chair, having our little talks, "see ya next time J". But right now I don't see any reason of me going there. I do all my treatments, wash my own hair, it saves me money. Maybe sometime down the line, I'll see him and he'll see how healthy my hair is.

My routine other than increasing my conditioning has not changed. Mainly everything is the same with washing with a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, oils and leave in. I don't have any special concoctions, or special way of detangling my hair. Just take my vitamins, keep up in spirits with my life, and some TLC. Other than that my journey's been great and it will continue for all eternity and all that other good stuff :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 1

Earlier today I was tempted to put my $200 flat iron to my head, just because I was curious about how long my hair is, since my two month period with being natural is coming up soon. As I prepped for this tricky surgery, because the almighty knows that my hair is just a bush of tight curls and coils. I stopped. I couldn't put that heat on my curls. Not this early or hardly ever. So my curiosity will have to deal with two strand twists for now.

Now my hair is still short, and I know it's not at the length I want it to be for me to put twists in, so I did it anyway. Here's the funny end results:

As you can see I kinda look like Loc Dog's little sister (I love Don't Be A Menace), just without the condom wrappers and other random shiz in my hair. All I did was use Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch detangler, water, then after the twists use a little bit of oil. I didn't bother to make my sections look neat, I am just trying out a protective style and stretching my hair out without heat. Will talk about that stuff next time.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hair Typing: Necessary or Unnecessary

Before my BC during my transitioning phase, I would always do my research on proper hair care with the usual YouTube/Facebook subscriptions. I have always noticed a handful of people would always mention "What is your hair type?" , "Are you a 3C? 4A?" and I would always be confused to what they were talking about, are they talking in code? It was shortly after they were talking about the hair typing system, which is a set system to determine what kind of hair you have and what methods you should take to properly take care of your hair.

The guide below shows the range of hair types females/males have, ranging from 1 being the straightest there can be, all the way up to the kinkiest which is 4C.

Now to get to the point. I understand that this guide is supposed to help you figure out a course of action with your hair. BUT - Is it really needed? I mean during my journey, I watched females obsess over hair typing of others or themselves and break a sweat doing it. I am not saying everyone worries about what kind of hair they have, but the numbers or getting up there. In my honest opinion, the only thing you should worry about is what is good and what is bad for your hair.

Our hair isn't just mainly one type, many can have three different types of hair textures on their head. How do you cater to the randomness on your head? As for me? What's my hair type? I don't even bother trying to type it. Not saying I never will attempt to find out, but right now I am close to my 2 month mark, and I am not even worried about it and you shouldn't either. Again this is my own opinion. I obsess over my hair just enough without knowing my hair type. I already know what's going to make my hair nice, shiny and give it a lift. I know what's going to make my hair dryer than the Sahara Desert and how to remedy it. Hair typing to me is just you know, "Meh". If it works for you, the more power to you to decoding your hair workings.

In the words of Sweet Brown - Hair typing? "Ain't nobody go time for that!"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Nape Check

 Just stretching out a section around the nape of my neck. Getting out there. (Will try to post more pictures of my hair soon. The last few days have been heartbreaking, due to the early death of my best friend)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heart Broken Over a Man

I never would of thought that another man, would up and leave me breaking my heart. But it's not in the way under normal circumstances. This man was the greatest, he was built like a rock, spontaneous, so full of life and energy. I remember when we first met, after many late nights of facebook chats. He invites me over to his Halloween party. Normally I don't come out for stranger's invites, so I was like what the hell, bring some friends and have a blast. A blast I did have. What's so special about this party 3-4 years ago in his attic, was the spot where all my friends now gathered, even if we didn't speak to each other because we didn't know each other at the moment. Later one by one we came together strong, then one by one we drifted apart only leaving the strongest links. It's also the same party I met my boyfriend Ben, after I haven't seen him in years.
I remember the random adventures me and my friend would have downtown, partying in the clubs, ice rink, him teaching me how to ski (yes this black chicka was trying to learn how to ski), and how many accidents we would have. Heh I remember when I needed a place to stay, he let me stay he helped me out. If I needed something, he would be reluctant to help. He was the strongest in my eyes, though deep down inside he was hurting. Remember what you told me on Friday, that you missed your family and I told you to just hang in there everything will be ok? Why didn't you believe me and your friends? You had everything to live for, your friends, your son who is just the exact image of you, life itself. Man I never would of thought you check out early in life. So young, just too young.
We all make mistakes in life, we all do things that we shouldn't. But deep down does that make us bad? You were a great father, even if you didn't think you were. You made your son your top priority. I wish that you remembered that before taking matters into your own hands. You will be deeply missed by me and everyone else. Sleep well Joe, I do hope you found what you are looking for: Happiness...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning TWA Horror Fix: Quick and Painless

Ever had those mornings when you wake up, fully rested, sun beaming, birds chirping. It's going to be a glorious day and you are thankful for being able to wake up to it....but once you pull that satin bonnet or scarf off your head, you are not so thankful for your "Morning After TWA". Bed hair will always plague us, even with our short hair. So flat on certain sides, so dry, frizzed out maybe (hence the pouty face I'm making in the above picture, of me just waking up). There is a solution! Well several. Here are some steps/tips to how I wake up my sleeping fro:

1 - I am not afraid of a little water, so I spritz my hair (not drench) with some water and rub throughout my head starting at the roots. I do it in a "lifting" motion. Some people would use combs, I trust my fingers for this if I don't want to pick out my curls and coils.

2 - After working the water and my roots, I put just a little bit of soy oil from Hollywood Beauty in my hand and work it well throughout my hair, still lifting at my roots. Afterwards I use a little bit of ORS Olive oil and work it well in my hair.

3 - Then I take just a little bit of ORS Coconut oil and work it well through. That's usually it on a lazy day, but if I really want to wake up my hair as in I have somewhere to go. I would use any of the three leave in conditioners: Crème of Nature Strength and Shine, Cantu Shea Butter or Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk, in my hair. Work it through.

4 - This is optional. If I feel that I want my curls to be more defined, I use Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea All Natural Curl Defining Crème. Depending on how much you use, you're hair will be white for a bit till it air dries. I only need a little work and I work it in my hair, till I get the right definition of curl power. Add a bow, or whatever hair accessory and you are good to go!

Well there you have it. The picture at the bottom is my revitalized twa. It looks out of whack since I tried adding a part (guess my hair isn't long enough yet). As well as I was getting ready for the gym to get my work out in. I hope this was helpful until next time!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate: Message to All Newly BC Ladies

This goes out to all the TWA ladies and the ones rocking the fades, who felt like they were on top of the world when they let go of the one worldly desire. Long hair, short hair, any type of hair. BUT then start to lose face from all the stares and jeers, not only from strangers but from family, significant others and friends. We go in thinking the most important people in our lives have our backs, when many don't really and that shit hurts. You think people follow "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" or just lie, something. Then again I rather get silence, then a obvious fake lie.

Originally I got scared of the BC and yes I did plan on long term transitioning (pffft didn't last a year). You think after 8 months I would take that whole time to think, nope! It took only a bad detangling session and one week to cut it. Consulted with some of my friends, half say do it up with enthusiasm while others were like "Uhh maybe you should wait. Are you going know do anything with it? I mean...its going to be super short" and then there's those like a special person aka my bffff, bka my boy who was like "Do it up, let your soul grow" till I actually did it and he's like "'s short" <---DA FUQ?

This is how I get past all that bull. If you didn't do the BC yet, before you do make sure you research everything to styling, have a positive mindset. Be warned that there will be those close to you that will not like your hair. One thing that helps that if you have a "Not giving a fuck" attitude" which was an attitude I had when I did it. I wasn't shocked or anything. I LOVED my hair afterwards, the curls, the coils, I looooove it! If you already did your BC and facing some problems...scratch them out. If people cannot be sincere and want to say something negative. Cut them out with a sharp sword - You don't need all that nonsense in your life. If your boyfriend/girlfriend/alien acting up. Now understand, they are probably use to your hair being long, and yea it may be different for them to take it in at first. Give it a little time and it may grow on them. If not and they fill the space with  negative comments all the time. They are not for you unfortunately. That's just my opinion. The only time my boyfriend had anything to say about my hair was, we took a trip to the zoo and I picked a flower and was trying to tuck it behind my ears. He yells "You don't have any hair!..." Did I cry? No. Just told him to go fuck himself and walked away. I already had stated I wasn't taking any bull from anyone, that includes him. Slowly he's starting to like my hair as my curls are coming out more. He likes to ask and see if he can touch since he likes the softness.

There are ways to boost up confidence in your hair such as...buying hair accessories or jewelry! Go out and buy some pretty bows, but some nice earrings. Try out some nice makeup, spice up those eyes and lips! Get a saucy outfit, new scarf, spoil yourself if you are able to with the sale rack! It's your journey and no one elses! You do you, the way your hair looks to others is not your problem. If they don't like it, then they can stop looking. God or whatever almighty power built you a body with a neck, you can turn your head to the left, right, up, down, diagonal, minute, 30 degrees north. They can look at something else. Also it's always good to blog about your journey (like I am!), join natural hair pages on Facebook, subscribe to natural ladies on YouTube. Maybe you guys may not be the same hair type, but you can always grab some ideas or work that idea into something you can twist to fit you.

Well that is all I have to say. All I can do is wish everyone the best in their natural journey. Just remember, you are not your hair. Your hair is part of you and it will grow back. Later!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday came a little early. This was taken beginning of August 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Product Review - Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Conditoner

On a whim I decided to do a product review on this new conditioner, Hydrating Macadamia Oil Conditioner by Organix. After watching some of my YouTube favorites (TellmeBeauty) about the uses of Macadamia Oil. I decided to go out and seek it out. Sally's unfortunately didn't have what I was looking for other than a hair mask. So I continued my quest, till I remembered seeing this conditioner in Rite Aid (and it is also at CVS) and thought to myself that is would be a good co-wash for when my hair is really jacked up.
So I went to pick up a bottle at CVS, only $7.99 pls tax and tried it out later that night. The instructions on the back says to leave it in for 3-5 minutes, but of course I want my hair to absorb as much as it can, so I left it in probably for 10 or so. As I was working the conditioner in my hair and scalp, ooooh weee! Man did it feel good! It felt like silk on my head. I did do something a lil different with my conditioning routine. Instead of walking around my apartment, I stood in the shower and let the steam come around for a bit then rinsed out my hair thoroughly.
After putting my usual oils and leave in, I'll say I am quite impressed with this product. My hair even before putting all the extra dressings, was soooo soft and subtle. I guess it does pay forward to spend a few extra dollars on a good conditioner. Organix has my vote on this product, though they do have a plethora of others as in coconut milk, argan oil, cherry blossom etc. I'll put a list of ingredients below, as well as a link to the company website. Well that's all for now, until next time!
Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Conditioner
13fl oz
Aqua (DI Water), Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycol Stearate, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Ceteareth-20, Parfum, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris (Bamboo) Extract, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (Cocoa Butter), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Leaf) Extract, Panthenol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Red 40, Yellow 5.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm declaring today Fro Friday. Why? Because I can!

Wash Day Routine: Deep Conditioning - The Smooth Criminal (Reload)

(Due to my accidental click or swipe on my phone as I was clearing out my drafts. I somehow accidently deleted my wash day routine. Here it is once again)

Hey ladies and gents! Jess here again! I thought I would share my routine that I go thru on my wash day. Hopefully you'll find some helpful tips, or think to try a new product that I use for your own hair. My wash day is noth that much different with my TWA (tweenie weenie afro for those who don't know) other than me having to wash in sections before I did my BC. Other than that here goes nothing:

1 - Since my hair is short now, I don't take as long as I use to before in the bathroom. I say now my washes are 30 minutes or less. I wet my hair all the way through with warm water, then lather up with the shampoo using Crème of Nature Argan Oil Ultra Moisturizing -Sulfate Free- Shampoo. Now I know some ladies love the sulfate for that "clean feeling", I know my hair can handle sulfates, but I choose to give it a fighting chance by not using it. I massage hair/scalp for a few minutes, playing with my curls, making a mohawk since I am a huge dork, then rinse it all out. If you didn't get all of the shampoo, don't worry you'll get it all after the conditioning period.

2 - After washing, I use a packet of Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Deep Conditioning treatment, getting it all over the coils and curls. I gently detangle using a wide tooth comb, now pause for a moment - Ladies and gents if you are newly natural and don't have a wide tooth comb. Don't even think to using that itty bitty fine comb through your hair. Fine combs are like the Grim Reaper to natural hair, unless you like rocking a few bald patches, I strongly suggest in taking that loose change in your pocket and purchasing one.

3 - When I'm done detangling I put a plastic cap on, or if you don't have plastic caps you can be generous to the planet and recycle. Use plastic grocery bags, it works the same. Since I do not have a hooded dryer, I use a regular blow dry on med-high heat (occasionally use the cool button on my dryer), and rotate around my head for 15 minutes. Now the minimum is 10 minutes for conditioner to latch on to the hair follicles. You can go longer than the allotted time if you choose, but that is your own risk. I go for 15 minutes max with the deep conditioner. After that time has pass, I thoroughly wash out my hair under warm-cool water.

4 - I rinse everything out, I pat my head to get all excess water out, slap on my Turbie Twist and go about my day in my apt. Now some don't know this when they dry their hair. When drying be -gentle- since most towels are not microfiber. You can't go all gung ho with your hair. All of those hairs that you assume are just shed hairs on your towel, can be the end result of you rubbing your head like a maniac.

5 - Once my hair is a little more dry, but still damp I apply soy oil from Hollywood Beauty, working it through my hair with my fingers. Then I use one or two of the three conditioners. It works for me, not sure if it will work for someone else: Crème of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave In (obvious enough that I like the CON line), Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Oil Hair Milk. I work the leave in through my curls and coils, making sure every strand gets it dose. Lastly I use a little bit of Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Lotion through my hair, getting everything worked in. Viola! I'm done!

Now I do hope that I have given some ideas, a way for people who might of been struggling with how to wash their TWA and with what. I won't say that it's a guarantee the products I use will work for you, but it doesn't hurt to try right? Here's a nice tip for those who have a hard time getting some nourishment to their scalp.

What I did was purchased a color applicator from my local beauty store (which would be Sally's), I put whatever liquid oil I want to apply to my scalp in several areas on my head. I use my fingertips to massage the oil, spreading it all over. Now you have to give your head a nice rub down, no quickies or else you'll find oil dripping down your face, neck, ears etc. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. Well folks, I wish you well. Stay positive and happy washing!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top: Before
Bottom: After (Few hours after BC)

Introduction? Whaaat?!

Helllooo out there! I thought I give myself a proper introduction so everyone won't be all like "who is this chick?" Well hope you like a short story and blah blah.

My name is Jess, Skittles, that weird quiet girl over plotting our murder over there and occasionally Ashley (since people say I look like an Ashley?). I won't be too elaborate because describing myself to the T is not my forte. I'm just an average young brown woman trying to get thru in life, trying to find my place in this crazy world. Of course I probably screwed up my chances of having an identity among people, since I have NO HAIR. Ok ok I do have hair but it's in the form of a short baby fro, which will keep coiling, curling, growing outward like a Chia Pet (totally love them!), but who cares what others think is to which why I was able to start on my natural hair journey.

When I was young, just like every young woman of my kind, we would dread the wash day that would revert our tresses to nothingness, and then get that hot comb, press -n- curl, whatever may be. I remember I would hide from my grams, I lost count on how many times my scalp was burnt along with my ears. It all stopped till I got my first chemical treatment at the age of 10, which continued 14yrs till I decided on December 7th, 2012 that this process has to stop. I use to have so much hair, so much life in my roots. I didn't think of what was going on, all I cared was when I'm getting my next relaxer to kill my unruly roots.

As I got older I got wiser in other areas, but was so naïve about my hair. I was blind to the damage, thinking that it's ok for my hair fall out a little...but not leave strands on my pillow, sink, clothes almost everyday. "My hair just shedding" <--complete denial I was in. It's ok for it to burn a lil bit, the scabs will go away, or my edges will thin a lil bit but will grow back. I watched my hair get shorter....and my ends crunch up, thinking its the way I've been sleeping, when it was when I was constantly applying heat all the time. It was when I was tagged in some facebook photos and compared them to photos years ago, that I saw the damage that was done and thought something's gotta give.

I tried transitioning before beginning of 2012, but got so scared about going thru with it, I ran for that chair and that creamy crack. I felt so ashamed of myself, but after reading on a natural forum site and some blogs, the same females that have big beautiful natural hair, went thru the same issues and fell off the bandwagon not once, twice but many times! It's hard to uproot yourself from a routine performed so long, so take time and research. Which is what I did to better prepare myself. So I stopped the perms when I was ready last year, just let my hair grow out. I slowly dropped the frequency of the flat iron, learned how to deep condition, which products are yay or nay. I was feeling good about this journey, but of course like many I wouldn't big chop.

Oh lordy I would have a heart attack if I cut my hair. I swore up and down that I wouldn't. I would only chop if my hair was long enough. So I long termed transition....which only lasted till August 2013 after having a horrible detangling session. I was doing my regular shampoo and DC as I always did each week, this time it was different. My hair knotted up so much, it didn't matter how I approached it or what I put in it. I had a handful of hair staring at me in the sink, I nearly damned choked! I had sat myself down to think, and I felt that it was time to let go of my hair. That was my problem, worrying about what others would think so I was like "damn everyone else. Hair grows back". On August 27th 2013 I did my BC. My beautician's daughter thought I had lost my mind, nope I had opened my mind. It took a few hours to watch my hair go from shoulder length to nearly damn bald is what my cousin told me. I thought I would hate it, be shocked, cry but I loved it! Like LOVE IT!

Many of my friends love it (and if they lied I still thank them for their compliment. It's the thought that counts). But the one person who I wished I've gotten more positive feedback was my boyfriend. He took one look at my head and was like "...It's very short..." and then became a lil withdrawn. Which is to be expected, I wouldn't blame him if I came up to his house with hair two buzz cuts away from being his length. Slowly but surely he's getting use to it, even likes touching it sometimes, complementing on how soft it is.

Well that's my long story. Although I am newly natural...I still don't always know what the hell I'm doing. All I can do is follow on how my Chia Pet of hair feels, give these curls and coils some good good luvin' and always keep researching and learning. Learning is a growing process, it never stops. I hope that not only to use this blog to document my journey, but to inspire other females wanting to leave that burning sensation of the head, that it's ok. It's just hair, it will all grow back and damn what's in those magazines.

Skittles signing out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pardon my dust

Please pardon my dust as I clean up here and there. I was recommended this site to use in documented my hair journey.  Hopefully I will have something useful to post (as embarrassing photos of me and my friends. Something haha) other than a blank page.