Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've Got It Twisted! - My First Yarn Twist Extentions

This is the very first time I've added "hair" to my own head. I've never worn a weave and most likely never will, but I did research into African threading, but felt like it wasn't for me, and then I came across yarn twists/braids. I was skeptical about this at first, having some foreign objects attached to my hair. But Halloween was coming soon, and my little crazy twists and shrinkage was not going to make my costume look awesome. It took me about 9hrs to install, what helped was YouTube and my hair already twisted. I made them to arm pit/bust level instead of a waist length. Don't really need to be ridiculous for my first time haaha. I've had these in since 10/30/14 and now I just want them out (Yea I can't sit still with these lol). Least I kept them in for almost a week. It's just good to know that if I wanted to protect my hair, as well as give me a short break from styling my own hair. I have an option not to use weave, and it's fun to wear as well giving you a different look! You use 100% Acrylic yarn, wool will rip your hair out, cotton will turn it to dust (from what I heard). Also make sure your hair is moisturized before hand. And ladies just like with weaves n wigs, you STILL have to keep your hair and scalp in check. Moisture lovies! Moisture!
The cons of this project were during the installation you WILL be twisting your hair as you lock the yarn in place twisting the two sections. It WILL hurt, so as a suggestion either try to hold the position and gently twist your roots back to relieve some tension, or keep it going till you're done. It's better to do this on a decent sized patch of hair just in case you break off a section. Another con is your hair picking up fuzzies from sweaters and them also collecting on your ends too. Yarn is going to attract lint, cat hair, etc. Then again my regular hair does as well lol, but I find it more annoying since I have a lot of twists floating around.
Also to add this: Yes I know some of my ends are a bit flayed out, my palm rolling game when I was burning was not with me yet. This is my FIRST time. Natural hair care whether fake or not is a learning process, and I am learning every step of the way. I only say this because the other day on Facebook in one of the natural hair groups I'm in, I was called out in a rude manner about my ends and why my picture was a screenshot from Instagram (really????). I love when people give me tips and solutions, but not when people sit there and nit pick "Is your ends supposed to look like that :/" , "Yea this is why I don't like yarn?" , "Have you tried Marley hair?". I mean if I see something wrong with a style, I do not just throw the shade level at high. I give out a suggestion. These two girls I always felt like because they are the "admins", they act so high and mighty and if your twist out isn't perfect they'll tell you or someone else they that are very cool with that your shit looks fucking ugly as sin. I don't roll that way. There is a difference between constructive criticism while keeping positive, and just being a plain bitch. So another group I may soon leave. I don't do coonery shit.
Other than that I will leave some pictures and a link to the video that helped me get started here :) (Hair | Yarn Twists) Until next time!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Finally have enough hair to use a banana clip. I never thought it would happen but it finally did! I'm so happy! You dont even know!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My New Dryer!

For weeks going into months, I've been wanting a bonnet hair dryer. Something that will help me with my deep conditioning sessions, instead of waving my blow dryer around my head for 15 minutes. Of course bonnet dryers are not cheap, they normally run $44-65+. Something I don't exactly have just laying around. Ok more like I do have the money, but have better things to buy with it like food and I don't play the ramen noodle game anymore. One day while I was scrolling thru my hair groups on Facebook, I came across the "alternative". An soft bonnet dryer. I checked it up at Sallys, $20 (A lil less if you are a Sally's club member so I got it for like $17) half the price of the hard bonnet. Why the hell not?
It's pretty easy to use. Just attach the hose to your blow dryer, set it on low heat, adjust the bonnet on your head and flip the switch. I've used it twice and so far I love it! All I do is put on my puffy helmet, play a video game or read a book as I'm laying down in bed. Something you CANNOT do with a hard bonnet dryer. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't know where to set it in my apartment. My cousin thinks I look special ed, and that it's "lazy". Psssh! I may look silly, but when my twists are on point.... ;)
Below are two pictures of the box and what the bonnet looks like on my head (don't mind the creepo smile). The box includes a zip up bag so you can store your bonnet in. Very convenient if you are traveling. Wise Words of Wisdom: The end of the hose is kinda small, if you have a wide blow dryer, getting the hose on will be some work. A way around it is if you have an nozzle attachment. Use that slide the hose over the narrow part, and fit it over the blow dryer for a snug fit.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Whip It Up!: 1st Attempt at Making My Own Whipped Shea Butter

This is a project I've been wanting to do for a while, but didn't have the knowledge or funds to do so. I had this idea based on watching many YouTube vids, to make my own whipped shea butter hair and body cream. Shea butter is my numero uno favorite sealant to put in my hair. Of course it is a pain in the ass to use if you have thick hair. After saving up some cash, researching essential oils, looking up more vids. I felt confident enough to give this a go. So one morning after work, I went to Wegmans to grab all ingredients.
I get home, got everything all laid out, ready to rumble. I'm just pouring in this, and scooping out that into my medium plastic bowl whipping away. I'm doing this all by hand mind you, since I do not own an beater/mixer. Then....trouble hit. My concoction was not whipping or fluffy. It was rather....liquidly. I thought maybe add more coconut oil <-----Second Mistake! The first was not having enough shea butter to compensate for the amount of oil I used in the beginning. Yes I was dumb enough to think, that the coconut oil would solidify the mixture more. Nope. Luckily later on that day, I went to the store to grab some more shea butter and saved my batch.
In my honest opinion. It did not come out the way I had in mind. Although it is very moisturizing and makes my hair and skin feel nice. I feel as if it is not quite right, maybe I should try a different oil such as vitamin E, or lanolin. Maybe even mango butter, though I have never tried that. *adds to my check list of natural things to try*  The mix so far works well on my hair, but I feel like I can do better. I am thinking, I would make an actual video on my procedure.....once I get it straight hahaha! Below are some pictures of the stuff I used and end results. (Jojoba, coconut and extra virgin olive oils, peppermint and tangerine essential oils for scent and of course shea butter).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Product Review: Renpure Solutions Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner

Tuesday morning when I got off work, I went to Rite Aid to pick up a bottle of shampoo/conditioner. Normally I get Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle, alas they were not open at 7am. As I was about to get my fall back, Organix I seen this bottle on the side. I was curious since I love the smell of mint, and the fact I wanted to try an new product. After reading the front, ingredients etc  I decided to drop the $10 to get it.
Wash Routine - I sectioned my hair, sprayed each with water, slather that extra virgin olive oil, pumped some condish, detangled, repeat. After I was done with my whole head, I put on my conditioning cap. What was meant to be only left in for 20 minutes, ended up me falling asleep for hours (only me lol). When I got up, I washed the product out of my hair, then I used a bit more condish again to cleanse my scalp, then rinsed.
Results: My hair came out soft and subtle. As well as the volume was cranked up! I really loved how my hair came out, and will continue using this product. I still am wary due to the protein inside. I know I am not protein sensitive, but will have to learn to balance everything out.
The only thing I did not like about the product was, I felt it wasn't thick enough. It's not too watery but it could be thicker like an regular conditioner. But hey if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I recommend this product for those with dry hair, great for those who strictly co-wash. It's been compared to the Wen hair care system, with many reviews stating that its better and more cost efficient. If you do not like the Rosemary Mint, they do have Sweet Pomegranate. I do hope this short review helps. I will post the ingredients below and see ya on the flip side.
Purified Water , Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Cetyl Alcohol , Glyceryl Stearate , Behentrimonium Chloride , Argania Spinosa Kernel OilArgan , Hypnea Musciformis ExtractRed Seaweed , Gellidiela Acerosa ExtractRed Alga , Sargassum Filipendula ExtractBrown Seaweed , Helianthus Annuus Seed OilSunflower , Cocos Nucifera OilCoconut , Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf ExtractRosemary , Hydrolyzed Pea Protein , Psidium Guajava Fruit ExtractGuava , Butyrospermum Parkii OilShea , Sorbitol , Amodimethicone , Trideceth-12 , Cetrimonium Chloride , Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride , Glycereth-26 , Silicone Quaternium-17 , Diazolidinyl Urea , Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate , Glycerin , Disodium EDTA , Fragrance
  • For all hair types
  • Safe for color treated hair
  • No sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, propylene glycol
  • Product not tested on animals
  • Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    Sock Bun Tutorial! A Safe and Witty Trick for Natural Hair!

    Ok now we all been to Sally's or any other beauty supply store, the mall etc (you get the picture). I'm sure you seen products like "Hot Buns" or other knock offs that will give you that perfect bun. But there is that thought "is this safe for my curly hair?" Because most of these bun accessories have little air holes in them. I will be honest with you, I myself absolutely do NOT trust them. Only because of the holes, and I have this vision that my curls like vines creep through those holes, and rip my hair out to shreds. No no no no no! I am good on that. But not all is lost, you can still possibly use a stocking sock to cover the bun of course duh! Well what if you don't have a bun handy? Let alone a lot of hair and you want to just rely on your hair. Here is a quickie that will help you out and maybe save some dollars and a trip.

    First supplies you will need:

    *Regular knee high stocking socks, preferably black to match your hair. You can get these at the dollar store, 3 pair for like $2.

    Step 1: Take one knee high stocking from the package, no need to stretch it.

    Step 2: Cut the off the foot end off the sock, not too much like 1 - 1 1/2 in. Toss that baby over your back, never to be seen again...until you clean your room.

    Step 3: Starting from either end, roll the sock into itself forming a "doughnut" until you run out of fabric.

    There you completed the first part of the sock bun! Of course you can use a regular old sock from your drawers, but I find the knee high stockings to be more convenient, and better for my hair instead of rubbing against cotton. Now for the fun part, the bun. This is done on stretched hair of course. You can stretch your hair the night before by doing twists, braids, bands, blow out etc:

    Step 4: Gather all of your hair gently pulling towards the back. Make sure it's smooth out all around. Figure out where you want to place your bun, either high, med or low. Now make a ponytail and stretch and pull your hair to make sure it's as long as possible.

    Step 5: Take that sock bun you just made and slip it around your ponytail down to the base of it.

    Step 6: Spread your hair around the sock bun evenly as possibly, till its covered. Now you can do one of two things. You can either enlist the aid of another pony holder to hold your hair down, and tuck in the ends. Or you can try tucking it underneath the sock and use bobby pins to hold in place if needed.

    Step 7: Tame any sections of hair stick out and about, with a tool of your choice (brush or comb etc), use a little gel, hair pins or both to keep them down. And presto! You have a cute bun on your head!

    I do hope this helps anyone who is floating around that awkward, my hair is long but not quite stage. Who long to wear buns on their heads. Trust me I know how that's like. Until then see ya on the flip side!

    Length Check/Happy One Year

    On 8/27/13 I woke up after a night of drinking down my troubles with my hair, chopped off my ponytail and decided to go further. I went to my beauty salon and told my beautician's daughter, I needed a to cut my hair. She thought I meant a trim, I said "No I mean everything that is permed." Now here a year later, my hair reached collarbone length. I remember being told that I would get sick and tired of my natural hair, and just return to the perms. Yes sometimes my hair frustrates me, Frolisha and I don't always get along. I have no desire to relax my hair. No more scalp burns for me, no more thinning hair, no more limp tresses.
    This year has be great to me (hair wise), I plan on continuing learning my hair and ways to keep it healthy. Of course I am still going for to grow as long as possible.  It took only a year to go from twa to collarbone. I am hoping to get to APL (arm pit length) by early next year. Fingers are crossed and so are the toes! See ya on the flip side, here are some pics of my hair before I did a lil trim of the ends.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    If It's Too Tight....Talking On The Edges

    What are your first thoughts when you see this picture? I'm pretty sure it goes along the lines of "Oh she's doing her hair" , "Looking slightly rough". Or maybe not, I can only assume. I wanted to talk about roots and edges. Now the reason why my hair is half done, is not because I was in the middle of doing it. I had already braided it up earlier in the day, but after being bothered with the feeling of my edges being tugged but Edge Monster, I took it down, gave my scalp a 10 minute break and re-braided *gently and looser*.
    Now I've noticed that some styles that females and males wear, whether it's braids, weaves, puffs or twists are edgy, tight and nice. Let's go back to the second word "tight". Now how tight is too tight for a style? Have you ever heard of Traction Alopecia?
    ***Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia, or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. This commonly results from the sufferer frequently wearing their hair in a particularly tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids.
    Now if you can feel consistent pulling on your roots, tugging on your edges, even developing an headache. Then it's time to take down/out that style. No hairstyle is worth losing your hair over. I mean think of Naomi Campbell? All the constant pulling and tugging of her hair, causing her hairline to run for the hills.
    I am telling you.
    I know it looks good and everything.

    But is it really worth it?
    So ladies and gents. If it hurts you, take it out. If your child is saying it hurts a lot, you better bust out the coconut oil and go with Plan B. I hope this little article in my corner brings awareness of this condition.

    Texture Shots, Mini Length Check, Shrinkage, Oh My The Deception!

     Here are some lovely texture shots. This was a day or so after my mini twists were taken out. My hair is super coiled/curly. The front as I always said, is an looser texture than the rest. But yes with me, the shrinkage is for real. Especially when it's pretty deceptive about my truth length. I told my boyfriend's sister's friend that my hair is near my collarbone/shoulders. He looked at me like I was lying. I'm telling you! (This picture was taken last week or so)

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Mini Twist - First Attempt to Protective Style/Fail

    Last week Tuesday/Wednesday I had did my first attempt in a protective style. Following in the footsteps of Whitney (Naptural85) I tried out mini twists. It took me only a day only because my hair isn't super long, but long enough and I rushed a wee bit. After I was done, I was on top of the world! My hair had some hang time, even though it didn't really show my true length. I had visited my boyfriend, whipping my hair around with a goofy smile on my face. As the day went by, my twists set and stretched a little....but....I slowly felt restricted. Now you see I've never had my head mini twisted before. So this was very foreign to me. 
    The more time in the day goes by, the more I wanted them out. I turn to my online group and one person said "Challenge yourself". My response? Nope they are coming out. In by Wednesday, out by Friday afternoon. As much as I wanted to give myself a change/protect my hair I couldn't deal with the twists. I love running my fingers along my curls, yes I do have a HNH (hand in hair) problem. I haven't gone bald yet, knock on wood (lol). I was much happier without them in, I felt free as a bird. Will I ever do them again? Don't know. Will I ever do any type of protective style? Who knows. So far my hair has come this far, without some type of protective styling. So I really don't think its all that necessary. But hey who knows what the future may hold for Frolisha. Until then, puffs and bows, puffs and bows.
    Here are two photos of my short lived twists (sorry for the cross face, I was tired in both pics ): 

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    Me and My Best Buddy

    Me and my boyfriend at the Justin Timberlake concert July 9th. Probably can't see but I flat twisted the front, and work my hair in a curly puff in the back.

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    First Attempt At Perm Rods!

    During the past few weeks, I've been getting bored with my hair. Not my texture or anything, I love my texture. I just been bored with the same "style", which normally consists of tying my hair up in a puff, or sometimes a stretched fro with a head band or twisted in front. But I've just been getting bored. I go to my BFF YouTube and my natural hair groups on Facebook for some style ideas. A lovely woman goes by the name MissVeeHolistichaircare from the blog Coily Queens Rock, gave me an idea of roller setting my hair. I didn't have magnetic rollers, but I did have a lot of perm rods that I have never used before and decided to put them to work. Check out the results below and I'll tell you what I used!
    Mostly successful! I only say that because I had some issues with the back, thinking due to the size of the rods. I did run out to Sallys to grab an different sized pack of rods. How I got my hair that shiny was:
    *Freshly washed my hair with shampoo, and deep conditioned as well using Organix Coconut water shampoo and Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle condish.
    *After I wash out all product from my hair, I blotted each each, with my Turbie Twist towel to pull excess water. Then I use the LOC method using Silk Elements leave in crème, Avacado oil and 100% pure raw African shea butter to seal everything.
    *Then at the very end of applying moisturizers, I sectioned smaller pieces of my hair and used Motions wrap foaming lotion to set, then roll up the rod on my hair. Repeat the process with each big section, then part off the hair into smaller sections for the rods.
    I did blow dry my hair, at first was on cool to low heat for 30 minutes, but after seeing that my hair was still wet and Frolisha (the name of my hair) she was like "Why you playing?" so I used medium heat for 20 minutes and my hair dried (I really should invest in a bonnet dryer). I'll admit I kinda looked like the grandmother from Family Matters. One lesson I have learn is that to close to NEVER, rod set my hair after I washed it unless I plan on staying at home for the day, and I damn sure wasn't going to walk around in public and go to work looking like Big Worm ("What up Big Perm! I mean Big Worm" - in my Smokey voice). Next time I will just twist, wait till my hair is dry, then use the perm rods.
    Well that is it from me for now, until next time. See ya on the flip side!

    Friday, July 4, 2014

    Uncle Tom's Corner: What is #Teamnatural To You?

    I've been meaning to write this blog for a minute, just didn't have the time due to being busy. Within a short period of time I've have made some changes within myself. It all started the day before yesterday while surfing through one of the natural hair groups on Facebook, someone posted an article the Curly Nikki featuring a white woman with curly hair. I read it and applaud the woman for accepting her own natural beauty. I was like "Yes another not conforming to societal beauty standards!" but as I scrolled down the comments left were very heartbreaking to me. Apparently a lot of black females disapproved of this "white" woman and Nikki for featuring it. Some threaten to leave, while others huffed and puffed how they feel that she cannot be part of the natural movement.

    Let me pause for a second: I always have thought the natural movement, was about not conforming to what society deems "beautiful" not just with hair, but body as well. I also thought it was about encouraging people to accept and work with what you got. If you got frizzy hair, you can work it, tight coils, girl find you some earrings and wedges and a nice scarf. I thought the movement was to help everyone. Ok let's press play.

    In one of the groups that this link to the article that was posted, there was a heated discussion over it. Basically the whole group's wall lit up with discussions. I of course put in my two cents....then I was not directly called out by my name, but from one user's comment she said black people are blind and that the people that weren't with the movement are a bunch of Uncle Tom's and support white supremacy. Another female told me directly that I was wrong and that the natural movement was more than what I've stated and that I should be supporting only people in my community. I would post the comments, but I have long left the group. Not because it was hot in the kitchen, but because many of the members views are not of my own as well as just love to argue. Some people just don't know how to agree to disagree.

    I guess for some the natural movement is all about, accepting our hair for what it is. Not conforming to the European standards of beauty, getting pass all the challenges and struggles of black hair, fighting the discrimination that black hair face, or what people consider it "nappy". Years of oppression, conformity, bullying, the black struggle....wait what? Ok ok ok so apparently it has a deeper meaning to some. So I can see how some would be miffed about a white female wanting to join the "movement", she cannot relate. Her kind has never faced oppression....but honestly some things should be left in the past.

    My grandmother taught me to not live in the past, but remember it and think about what you can do now to make a better future. Isn't this "exclusion" in a way like segregation? I understand what happened, but why feed into it? My problem is how many black females are facing oppression that raised hell over a simple article? How many go thru the black struggle? To be honest....I do not even know what the black struggle is. I've never been oppressed, I've never been taunted because of my race or stereotyped, I've never been singled out, I've only been 10 months natural and work for a local police department, rocked my fro out and never been told that my hair was "unacceptable". You're probably thinking I grew up in the burbs. No. I grew up poor living in the projects, my grandmother did her best to make sure I got what I needed. I participated in activities throughout my youth, she taught me how to speak like I got good sense, be a lady and carry myself, work hard, go thru highschool, went to college, got my degree. I've may have been slightly poor, but never went thru any trouble. So does this mean I cannot be a part of #Teamnatural ? because I've also let go of the past as well. There is no point in blaming someone for something they didn't do directly themselves. That's like if my great great grandfather shot and killed someone, they blame me for it.

    So in conclusion I am no longer repping #Teamnatural , it's not for me because my views are white washed by the white man I guess. I cannot and will not exclude anyone out due to race. Black, white, Asian, Indian, they are all part of my vision of the natural movement. I live in a diverse city and been amongst races from all around the world. It's just the way I am and my grandmother is proud of me. I'm repping #Teamjessica from now on since it wouldn't be fair for this Uncle Tom to rep something that she doesn't belong in and never experienced the struggle.

    Everybody Love Everybody <3

    PS: What does #Teamnatural mean to you?

    Here is the blog from Curly Nikki


    Friday, June 13, 2014

    We Have Growth!

    I have unlocked the Collarbone/shoulder length achievement award!....and then I gave myself a little trim, since my ends were crying for help ahahaha! Yes I know my hair looks terribly uneven still, where's the length? and ratchet. You should of seen it a few months ago. It's the way my hair is. Parts of my hair grow faster than the rest. Still playing catch up with the top of my head, but it's getting there. But I am very very very happy with my progress and body. My baby is filling in nicely. It takes time, trial and error and patience growing your hair out (believe me I know). Hopefully I'll reach my mini goal of armpit length by the end of the year, or beginning of 2015.
    My hair is looking a bit better than the last time I flat ironed. I know I look like a hot mess, only for these reasons: 1 - I never go above 350 when flat ironing my hair, so I don't really get that "bone" straight hair. I am too afraid to go above that temperature, because I do not wish to acquire heat damage. So call me a wimp. 2 - It was getting hot in my bathroom! As I was flat ironing, my hair started to fight back and curl up. The humidity was its fuel and the fact my hair is a rebel.

    Thursday, May 15, 2014

    Two Naturals - One Zoo

    Even camels be loving the natural hair. "Oooh gurrrl is that your hair? Im natural too!"

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    1st Pre Poo Pictorial

    Hey peeps! I thought I would try something new. I wanted to share how I "pre poo" my hair for extra moisture. Since I am cam shy as well as a non owner of fancy camera equipment (and the way my bathroom is set up, I would end up dropping my own cam in the bathtub or something), I decided to do a pictorial. This is my first one so bear with me. Now just to say, this may or may not be for your hair, some will say its unnecessary, same say it's not. It's YOUR hair, you do what you think it's best. For those in the baby stages of the natural hair life, "Pre pooing" is when you use a conditioner (preferably a cheapie one) and/or oil to add and detangle your hair, before you actually wash it. I do not do it religiously. I have been doing this for the past couple of washes, since I felt my hair would like the extra moisture. This weather's been acting bi-polar on me, so I have to adapt. Now lets get started!
    *Things you will need*
    -Shampoo, your cheapie (dollar store) conditioner and regular conditioner
    -Spray bottle with room temperature water
    -Wide tooth comb and/or Denman brush (<--Which is AMAZING!)
    -Couple of bands, clips, ties, whichever you prefer to use to part your hair in sections (if its long enough)
    1 - Part your hair in sections. I part my hair in six sections as shown here, since it is just a curly mess. Big sections for me will not work. The smaller the sections, the easier the detangling life will be.
    2 - Unclip one section and spray it down like its no body's business. (I sometimes get a little carried away with the spray bottle) 
    3 - Next grab your cheapie conditioner. Now for the pre pooing process, you do not "need" to buy an expensive conditioner. Just go to the dollar store, find something that will work that is hydrating. I like to use Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple (sometimes V05 Raspberry). Work your condish in as shown in the next three pictures (sorry for the blurry pic).

    4 - Detangle with your wide tooth comb and/or Denman brush. I like to use both, wide tooth first, then gently use my brush after, to catch all my tangles and knots. There are times when my shed hair loves to knot up on another strand creating a super long piece. I depend on my fingers/brush to search and destroy by simply cutting it out.
    5 - Twist and clip up your hair and you're done with that section. Move on to the next one.
    *End Result*
    This is the amount of hair that came out during detangling. Very little huh? This will help greatly after you wash your hair and use your regular conditioner.
    And you successfully pre poo! Yay! But it doesn't end there:
    -Leave in the condish for about 5-10 minutes. (Note: Do not take out your clips during wash or else your hair will tangle back up again!) Then rinse it out, but there is a special way of how I do it. I recently learned this from Naptural85.
     -Instead of washing your cheapie condish out, then shampoo etc. Try applying shampoo while you *still* have the conditioner in your hair. Then wash, and add your regular conditioner, leaving it for 10 minutes (or be like me eat dinner and play a game and 30 minutes go by lol).
    That's what I do that is not shown, with the rest of my wash.
    *Helpful Tips*
    ~When first applying your conditioner mix, oil, whatever you may use. Try massaging the product in good with your finger times. Go from root to tip, make sure each hair is coated.
    ~Whenever I first apply my shampoo, I tend to lean over in the tub and massage my scalp. It's kind of a lazy "inversion" method. But I work my scalp to increase blood flow to my scalp, to help promote growth.
    ~If you can help it, try not to clog your scalp with multiple oils. I try not to put oil on my scalp, unless I really need too. We have a natural oil called Sebum that keeps our scalp from drying out. Oils can be helpful but clog up the pores. I like to let my hair "breathe" from time to time. I know weird hearing this from a black female right?
    That is it for this pictorial. I do hope that I was able to help out a newly natural lady/male. Because that is what I here for to share/learn as I go along this journey. See ya on the flip side!

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Hair Woes: Stepping Up and Hair Goals

    I have a love/hate relationship with my natural hair. I love the way she curls up and shrinks, letting me know she's fine and healthy, but at the same time its like "man I look like the day when I BC'ed" oh my straight hair mentality. But it's not the shrinkage, its these SSK's (single strand knots). You guys are going to get tired of me talking about it, but a sista is in need of some help. I use to think that I can just let my hair fly all out...not this mess of curls I can't. So I stepped up my hair game and changed my regimen a lil. Here is a rough draft of what I want to do:

    *Wash day - Section off my hair and use cheapie condish and oil to do a pre poo treatment. Wash and DC with normal condish, while keeping my hair sectioned off. Apply Leave in (Shea Moisture and CON), Oils, Jojoba oil and seal with shea butter. Twist off sections. (Unless I have somewhere to go, then fluff that puff).

    *Continue wearing hair in mostly twists, refreshing them daily with water and oil if needed. Possibly daily take down, finger detangle and retwist.

    *Apply MINIMUM oil to scalp if needed. Do not want to clog up pores. Encourage scalp to produce natural oils.

    *Opt to using Denman brush more for detangling sessions.

    *Drink more water, exercise

    *Possibly try out the "Inversion Method" (For those that don't know, the Inversion Method is when you would apply a hot oil treatment (if I am correct) to your hair, hang upside down for a few minutes while massaging your scalp. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you to do this if you have easy fainting spells, pregnancy, any type of injury etc. I am still doing my research with this.

    That is my rough draft, add more, less, I don't know. This is how it's playing out so far in my head. Hopefully this and other tweaks will help me with my hair goal. Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated by the story of Rapunzel. Skip the prince, it was all about that hair. Ever since then I wanted to have super long hair. I have been told before that unless I was anything other than being black. I will never have long hair (who the fudge tells a kid that???). What I say is challenge accepted! I am aiming for waist length hair. I going to say fuck that stereo type, I'm going beyond the gold. I set up my first part of my goal, to be shoulder length to arm pit length by December 2014. I believe I can do this. I don't even want to hear about genetics or terminal length and here are my reasons:

    - Genetics can play a role in hair growth and texture. BUT we never know our parents true textures, if they press -n- curl, perm and weave the up all the time. Mom can just have short hair due to a medical condition, she cut it, or processing.

    - Terminal length is for real....but we never know what's our terminal length due to outside factors. Wind, heat, dirt, breakage occurs on a daily basis with hair. We can't even look to our parents for it, since they are in the same boat as us.

    If I can get to waist length in 3yrs I will be so ecstatic! It has always been a big dream of mine to have super long hair to whip around. I will probably hair it, but I will be loving it. And with that I will close this blog and provide updates of my hair life. Also thinking about doing a separate instagram account or twitter dedicated to my hair life. Or I can just be the lazy social media person and just use my regular instagram lol. See ya on the flip side!

    Natural Hair Update April 17, 2014

    Helllloooo from my corner of BlogSpot! I've haven't been on here for a moment. Well not too long of a moment. I've been busy my hair, research, life and all the other good things. My hair is growing at such a beautiful pace, it shocks me more than my friends themselves. They be like  "Didn't you like just cut your hair a few months ago???". Well as of now I am 7 months natural (woo hoo!!!), I may experience some difficulties but I still do not feel the desire to mess with that cream of crack (You know an ingredient in that shizz can melt aluminum cans right??? Really need to find the movie "Good Hair"). As for length, I want to say collar bone or close to it. I know the longest section of hair in the back, I can bring it around in front and it meets my collar bone. My hair is still uneven, and I have come to terms that it just grows like that. No point in hyperventilating about it being uneven. I can control the strings on a hoodie, but not the growth of my hair. Here are some photos from last month of a unofficial length check (don't mind my messy head, just took it out of a puff):
    That is what I am working with so far. As for hair typing? Ok maybe I did dabble a lil in it, I believe to be 3c in the front since its such a looser texture, and the rest 4a/b. I have soooo many curls and spirals, and the frizz don't forget the frizz. But I think the frizz is due to my own "laziness" Yes I will admit, I am...well WAS a lazy natural. I thought that I could get away from not protective styling my hair, not giving the extra kick to give it a chance to grow beautifully, but I have been lazy and made up excuses. It was after a few sessions of washing, that I noticed that I needed to start protecting my hair better. Leave In condish isn't just gonna cut it. In a previous blog I talked about single strand knots...the struggle is REAL. I use to think that after I wash my hair and detangle, it would be find until next wash day. NOPE! My hair is so curl packed, it tangles right back up a few hours later. Knot city up on my head. That is BAD. It was up till yesterday that enough was enough, I can't forever keep cutting out every knot I see, since it was like I get two and five more would appear. So I decided to protective style more.
    I am not doing weaves of course, just starting out with twists. If I'm not going out anywhere, might as well keep my hair twisted and refresh every day or every other. No more just using leave in and a thin film of that Hollywood Beauty oils. I needed something a bit better. During my hair research and group on Facebook suggestions, I have decided to use raw shea butter and jojoba oil. Here is a picture below of  what I bought at a local beauty supply store:
    I don't know if it's African or not, but I can only assume since most shea butter comes from parts of East Africa (if I read correctly). I looked up on CurlyNikki about her reviews on unrefined shea butter, as well as other reviews and it seems to be better than the refined product. When I first went to the supply store, there was different sizes, pretty cheap but I decided to get the smallest possible amount, in case I didn't like it or not. So yes it is in like a ketchup soufflé cup (omg lol) and it was only a $1.49 (so was the jojoba oil for the same price). Already had my hair twisted, I decided to use my new products on the take down. One twist at a time, I sprayed on my CON (Crème of Nature) leave in condish, worked the ends really good, used a drop of jojoba oil. Which I would say I loved it! It glided on my hair smoothly, had a nice consistency kinda thick, yet not too thin. The smell was ok, but it did the job. Afterwards I would follow up with the shea butter. Now this shiz right here? I absolutely loved it! At first I thought it was just some chunky crap that looked like cheese (you know how we naturals, like putting food in our hair hahahaha), but with a simple rub between my fingers, it melted pretty easily to my body temperature. It went on my strands soooo smooth and easy. The results after I was done was, no greasy residue, shine, the smell goes away after like 10 minutes, and the wonderful thing is that I didn't even use much. I scraped off little pieces here and there, apply to seal my ends and that was it. I plan on continuing this regimen to reverse the pending damage of my SSK's. We'll see what happens in a week or two.
    I will end this blog here with some photos of my recent puff/twist in front style, and post an updated regimen/goal. See ya on the flip side!