About Me

Here is a short summary about me and my hair:

Name: Jessica (Skittles! is my nickname)

Age: 25

Hair Type: 4a/b/some other weird hoodoo magic going on with my hair

How long I've been natural: I've been natural since August 27, 2013 after 8-9 months of transitioning.

Am I mixed?: Yea, with craziness, sass and class. No I am black unless my daddy has something hidden in his genes. (He does have long curly hair)

"Go to" style: Right now its been flat twist in the front, puff ponytail in the back.

Night time regimen: Under construction still. But I am currently just using water, then leave in, seal it all in with jojoba oil and raw shea butter, then flat twist all around (still working out the kinks). But always ALWAYS have my bonnet on my head.

How often I cut my hair: I hate scissors, and the thought of cutting my tresses. I usually just try to "dust" off my ends every 2-3 months. I am going to try to nourish my hair, so I won't have to trim for a longer period.

Hair goals: Waist length, going for beyond the gold. Also to encourage other naturals to love their hair, and it's not the end of the world if they cut it all off.

*~*Any other questions feel free to ask *~*