Thursday, April 17, 2014

Natural Hair Update April 17, 2014

Helllloooo from my corner of BlogSpot! I've haven't been on here for a moment. Well not too long of a moment. I've been busy my hair, research, life and all the other good things. My hair is growing at such a beautiful pace, it shocks me more than my friends themselves. They be like  "Didn't you like just cut your hair a few months ago???". Well as of now I am 7 months natural (woo hoo!!!), I may experience some difficulties but I still do not feel the desire to mess with that cream of crack (You know an ingredient in that shizz can melt aluminum cans right??? Really need to find the movie "Good Hair"). As for length, I want to say collar bone or close to it. I know the longest section of hair in the back, I can bring it around in front and it meets my collar bone. My hair is still uneven, and I have come to terms that it just grows like that. No point in hyperventilating about it being uneven. I can control the strings on a hoodie, but not the growth of my hair. Here are some photos from last month of a unofficial length check (don't mind my messy head, just took it out of a puff):
That is what I am working with so far. As for hair typing? Ok maybe I did dabble a lil in it, I believe to be 3c in the front since its such a looser texture, and the rest 4a/b. I have soooo many curls and spirals, and the frizz don't forget the frizz. But I think the frizz is due to my own "laziness" Yes I will admit, I am...well WAS a lazy natural. I thought that I could get away from not protective styling my hair, not giving the extra kick to give it a chance to grow beautifully, but I have been lazy and made up excuses. It was after a few sessions of washing, that I noticed that I needed to start protecting my hair better. Leave In condish isn't just gonna cut it. In a previous blog I talked about single strand knots...the struggle is REAL. I use to think that after I wash my hair and detangle, it would be find until next wash day. NOPE! My hair is so curl packed, it tangles right back up a few hours later. Knot city up on my head. That is BAD. It was up till yesterday that enough was enough, I can't forever keep cutting out every knot I see, since it was like I get two and five more would appear. So I decided to protective style more.
I am not doing weaves of course, just starting out with twists. If I'm not going out anywhere, might as well keep my hair twisted and refresh every day or every other. No more just using leave in and a thin film of that Hollywood Beauty oils. I needed something a bit better. During my hair research and group on Facebook suggestions, I have decided to use raw shea butter and jojoba oil. Here is a picture below of  what I bought at a local beauty supply store:
I don't know if it's African or not, but I can only assume since most shea butter comes from parts of East Africa (if I read correctly). I looked up on CurlyNikki about her reviews on unrefined shea butter, as well as other reviews and it seems to be better than the refined product. When I first went to the supply store, there was different sizes, pretty cheap but I decided to get the smallest possible amount, in case I didn't like it or not. So yes it is in like a ketchup soufflé cup (omg lol) and it was only a $1.49 (so was the jojoba oil for the same price). Already had my hair twisted, I decided to use my new products on the take down. One twist at a time, I sprayed on my CON (Crème of Nature) leave in condish, worked the ends really good, used a drop of jojoba oil. Which I would say I loved it! It glided on my hair smoothly, had a nice consistency kinda thick, yet not too thin. The smell was ok, but it did the job. Afterwards I would follow up with the shea butter. Now this shiz right here? I absolutely loved it! At first I thought it was just some chunky crap that looked like cheese (you know how we naturals, like putting food in our hair hahahaha), but with a simple rub between my fingers, it melted pretty easily to my body temperature. It went on my strands soooo smooth and easy. The results after I was done was, no greasy residue, shine, the smell goes away after like 10 minutes, and the wonderful thing is that I didn't even use much. I scraped off little pieces here and there, apply to seal my ends and that was it. I plan on continuing this regimen to reverse the pending damage of my SSK's. We'll see what happens in a week or two.
I will end this blog here with some photos of my recent puff/twist in front style, and post an updated regimen/goal. See ya on the flip side!