Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Months Natural! Wooo Hooo!!!

Happy 3 months of being natural. Woooo!!! I am still cream of crack free, not even thinking of it, not going back. Although my fro is still small, I can see the significant difference in it's growth. I am not a camera junkie, but I have been looking back and comparing the pictures I have. I will admit I love love my natural hair, but hate my length. I am a patient person, but when it comes to my hair I'm like "Damnit grow already!!!!". I still do my research of ways to promote healthy growth. I want to do this right. I have yet to straighten my hair with heat, and don't plan on it for another few months. I MAY straighten it for the Justin Timberlake concert in February. Yes I love me some JT and I am so stoked on seeing him (cheesin' like a mug lol).

I am still learning about my hair and will continue as it grows out. I plan on growing it as long as possible *cough butt level cough*. The one thing I don't like about my hair other than the length is shrinkage. I always felt that my hair was not long enough to twist or anything. Then again that's the lazy part of me talking. For the past few weeks, I've been unlazy and trying out ways to stretch my hair. So far I've put my hair up in twists...first time took me 2hrs, second time took only 1hr. My twists gives me good stretch, but it's what I took up recently that really takes my hair to the next level. Banding your hair to stretch it out. So far I've gotten a LOT of stretch from banding, and it only takes up little time. The thing that sucks is I am walking around looking like Loc Dog from Don't Be a Menace. So I try to stretch my hair when it's dry so it'll take less time to stretch out.

My boyfriend (I mentioned him a little bit before), whom I love with all my heart, soul, being, universe, etc is starting to like my hair. Few weeks ago he had confessed verbally that he didn't like my hair at first (well no shit Sherlock! You were giving me the cold shoulder lol) but now he's amazed by my growth and how soft my hair feels. He likes to play with my hair a little sometimes. Which I have no problem with even if he is white. It's my man, if he wants to run his fingers thru my curls, go right ahead. I couldn't be completely mad at him, I mean if I was a man who was use to my girl having long hair. Then all of a sudden she chops it, I would be a little mad too. I am happy that as my hair grows, it's growing on him. Hey maybe someday he can assist me in braiding or twisting my hair.

Well that's all I have to report for my update. I will continue on trying new methods and items. Keep doing what Im doing and I will try to track my progress better. Well see ya later gators! <3

Friday, November 22, 2013

Been switching it up to doing twist outs lately. Also been thinking of opening my instagram to show my progess....or I can just blog photo after photo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Single Strand Knots aka "Fairy Knots" The Struggle is Real

This post may be a bit more sloppy than my other posts, since I am blogging from my phone (have to love technology! ). I wanted to talk a little about a problem, that I have recently run in with my TWA. Now I am about 2 1/2 months natural and my hair is growing at such a good rate, even I and my friends can see the difference. But with every good thing, there is that bad. Single strand knots aka "Fairy knots". My TWA has recently for a few weeks acquired them and...I dont like sir I don't. I've been researching and looking up forums for a remedy.  One was to detangle the knot with a pin....I'm sorry what? I don't have time to try to jab a hole thru each knot. Another was to cut above the knot on each strand...simple enough I tried that and try to keep it moisturized. STILL getting these knots!

I am indeed frustrated since I cannot truly give my hair a proper trim. It's waaay to tight of a curl for me to do it and I live in a city where natural hair salons are an egnima. Most only know about perms or weaves, and will claim they can help when in reality butcher your head. So I have recently come up with an solution. Leave 'em be. Of course I have come up with some remedies that sets my mind at ease and could help you out too:

1 - Moisturize your strands *thoroughly*. Don't half ass it and just put a little in your hair and run through your hair once. Get a good amount of whatever moisturizer you use, work it well onto your scalp and strands. Forget that dime sized amount,  especially in the winter months.

2 - Use a good leave in. I don't mean run to the store and buy an expensive one. Buy a leave in that will aide in keeping your hair in check.

3 - This is optional but I heard finger detangling works better than a comb. I use a combo of both since I am not up to season with using my hands. So I do rely on my wide tooth more than my hands, to loosen up my hair while it is coated with conditioner during my wash. So some snap, crackle, pop will happen. But not much hair comes out not counting daily shed hairs, which is fairly minimum but will seek a protein treatment in the future since its been months since my last one.

4 - Ladies and gents, satin cap, silk scarf, satin pillow case. Nuff said. I think I will have to purchase a new bonnet, since my cats clawed at mine and I think the small rips are pulling at my strands.

5 - Optional but search and destroy if you can. That is all.

Other than try to moisturize your hair before you sleep, that's all that I have to help me out. My hair is still growing despite this, I am not going to sweat it out. Hopefully with me stepping up my moisture game, my strands will less likely to knot itself. As they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I have to learn that my hair is very curly, this will happen.

Until next time, happy hump day and have an awesome day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Product Review - Ion: Inspired by Nature Oil

A few days ago I took a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply, after receiving an 15% off coupon in my mail. I went to restock on the usual product, but then decided to take a detour to the "expensive" product isle of stuff that I don't need to drop money on or use. I felt the need to see if maybe I can switch up on a new oil, and then I came across this: Ion Inspired by Nature oil treatment. From what I read on the bottle its paraben free and 100% vegan (for those who are looking for a oil with less cow fat or something in their products). It has plants and natural oils within it (wow that sounded professional). This 4oz bottle was only $6, well a lil less thanks to my coupon. So I decided to pick it up and try it out. Gotta switch it up sometimes right?
Ok so I waited till wash day to try out this oil, went thru the basic shampoo, condition, towel dry and then dump many things on top so my fro won't dry up. The first time I used this, I underestimated how much of this oil to use. This oil is a wee bit thick and I put three pumps in my hair and it kinda made it look like I had a Jeri curl or something (remember that scene in Coming to America with the Soul Glo fam?). I know I joke with my boyfriend singing the Soul Glo song, but I wasn't serious haha. I wasn't ready to give up on this oil just yet.
The second time I washed my hair, went thru all the motions, this time only using 1-1/2 pumps and worked it thru my head. Success! *play some completion game music fanfare*. Now to go thru some pros and cons....
Pros - This oil has a nice thickness, dries pretty well after you apply it when you're done washing on wet hair. You only need a little bit of this product, unless you have tons of hair of course. It's as close to natural product for a good price, then you'll probably find at Sally's.
Cons - If you put too much of this on your strands, it will make you look like a grease ball (unless you like that look). It will take a long time to dry up off your hair. The smell to me was slightly funky like the wrong flowers was mixed together or something. But it doesn't last long so that's a plus.
I only been using this a few times and say it works best with wet hair instead of dry. It just sits there when your hair is dry. I give this a 4.5 out of 5. Well that's it for now. See ya on the flip side!
Ion Inspired by Nature Oil