Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Single Strand Knots aka "Fairy Knots" The Struggle is Real

This post may be a bit more sloppy than my other posts, since I am blogging from my phone (have to love technology! ). I wanted to talk a little about a problem, that I have recently run in with my TWA. Now I am about 2 1/2 months natural and my hair is growing at such a good rate, even I and my friends can see the difference. But with every good thing, there is that bad. Single strand knots aka "Fairy knots". My TWA has recently for a few weeks acquired them and...I dont like sir I don't. I've been researching and looking up forums for a remedy.  One was to detangle the knot with a pin....I'm sorry what? I don't have time to try to jab a hole thru each knot. Another was to cut above the knot on each strand...simple enough I tried that and try to keep it moisturized. STILL getting these knots!

I am indeed frustrated since I cannot truly give my hair a proper trim. It's waaay to tight of a curl for me to do it and I live in a city where natural hair salons are an egnima. Most only know about perms or weaves, and will claim they can help when in reality butcher your head. So I have recently come up with an solution. Leave 'em be. Of course I have come up with some remedies that sets my mind at ease and could help you out too:

1 - Moisturize your strands *thoroughly*. Don't half ass it and just put a little in your hair and run through your hair once. Get a good amount of whatever moisturizer you use, work it well onto your scalp and strands. Forget that dime sized amount,  especially in the winter months.

2 - Use a good leave in. I don't mean run to the store and buy an expensive one. Buy a leave in that will aide in keeping your hair in check.

3 - This is optional but I heard finger detangling works better than a comb. I use a combo of both since I am not up to season with using my hands. So I do rely on my wide tooth more than my hands, to loosen up my hair while it is coated with conditioner during my wash. So some snap, crackle, pop will happen. But not much hair comes out not counting daily shed hairs, which is fairly minimum but will seek a protein treatment in the future since its been months since my last one.

4 - Ladies and gents, satin cap, silk scarf, satin pillow case. Nuff said. I think I will have to purchase a new bonnet, since my cats clawed at mine and I think the small rips are pulling at my strands.

5 - Optional but search and destroy if you can. That is all.

Other than try to moisturize your hair before you sleep, that's all that I have to help me out. My hair is still growing despite this, I am not going to sweat it out. Hopefully with me stepping up my moisture game, my strands will less likely to knot itself. As they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I have to learn that my hair is very curly, this will happen.

Until next time, happy hump day and have an awesome day!