Monday, October 28, 2013

Twist Out Results

Quick post of a twist out. This isn't over night, since I am in sort of a hurry. I wet my hair a little, put some leave in, twist in random sections, a lil bit of oil. Then I left it alone for an hour before blow drying at medium heat, then I took it down. Ya like?

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 2

Back with Pt 2! For this part I meant to put up a photo of my end result with my twist out. Unfortunately it slipped my mind to take pics, and the only photos of me with my hair out that day is in a dark restaurant. BUT soon as I get home from work, if I do twist my hair up before bed I will definitely show off. Other than that the end result I had to me was amazing, although I kinda looked like one of those oversized blush makeup brushes (lmao!!!). The twists really did stretch my hair out, not 100% but you can definitely tell. So I may try to add twists into my routine from time to time. I still do think and plan on safely flat ironing my hair as I was tempted before, but will not for a long long time.

As of 10/27/13, I've been natural for two months! Woohoo! Some thought I would hate it, but I absolutely love it! Even my friends love the curls. I am pretty sure my beautician would of thought I given up by now, but nope. Not going back to that cream of crack, don't need that harsh chemical on my head no more. To add I am not implying he is a terrible person. My beautician is a wonderful man, who did my hair since I was a child. But times have changed and some sacrifices had to be made. I do miss sitting in his chair, having our little talks, "see ya next time J". But right now I don't see any reason of me going there. I do all my treatments, wash my own hair, it saves me money. Maybe sometime down the line, I'll see him and he'll see how healthy my hair is.

My routine other than increasing my conditioning has not changed. Mainly everything is the same with washing with a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, oils and leave in. I don't have any special concoctions, or special way of detangling my hair. Just take my vitamins, keep up in spirits with my life, and some TLC. Other than that my journey's been great and it will continue for all eternity and all that other good stuff :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 1

Earlier today I was tempted to put my $200 flat iron to my head, just because I was curious about how long my hair is, since my two month period with being natural is coming up soon. As I prepped for this tricky surgery, because the almighty knows that my hair is just a bush of tight curls and coils. I stopped. I couldn't put that heat on my curls. Not this early or hardly ever. So my curiosity will have to deal with two strand twists for now.

Now my hair is still short, and I know it's not at the length I want it to be for me to put twists in, so I did it anyway. Here's the funny end results:

As you can see I kinda look like Loc Dog's little sister (I love Don't Be A Menace), just without the condom wrappers and other random shiz in my hair. All I did was use Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch detangler, water, then after the twists use a little bit of oil. I didn't bother to make my sections look neat, I am just trying out a protective style and stretching my hair out without heat. Will talk about that stuff next time.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hair Typing: Necessary or Unnecessary

Before my BC during my transitioning phase, I would always do my research on proper hair care with the usual YouTube/Facebook subscriptions. I have always noticed a handful of people would always mention "What is your hair type?" , "Are you a 3C? 4A?" and I would always be confused to what they were talking about, are they talking in code? It was shortly after they were talking about the hair typing system, which is a set system to determine what kind of hair you have and what methods you should take to properly take care of your hair.

The guide below shows the range of hair types females/males have, ranging from 1 being the straightest there can be, all the way up to the kinkiest which is 4C.

Now to get to the point. I understand that this guide is supposed to help you figure out a course of action with your hair. BUT - Is it really needed? I mean during my journey, I watched females obsess over hair typing of others or themselves and break a sweat doing it. I am not saying everyone worries about what kind of hair they have, but the numbers or getting up there. In my honest opinion, the only thing you should worry about is what is good and what is bad for your hair.

Our hair isn't just mainly one type, many can have three different types of hair textures on their head. How do you cater to the randomness on your head? As for me? What's my hair type? I don't even bother trying to type it. Not saying I never will attempt to find out, but right now I am close to my 2 month mark, and I am not even worried about it and you shouldn't either. Again this is my own opinion. I obsess over my hair just enough without knowing my hair type. I already know what's going to make my hair nice, shiny and give it a lift. I know what's going to make my hair dryer than the Sahara Desert and how to remedy it. Hair typing to me is just you know, "Meh". If it works for you, the more power to you to decoding your hair workings.

In the words of Sweet Brown - Hair typing? "Ain't nobody go time for that!"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Nape Check

 Just stretching out a section around the nape of my neck. Getting out there. (Will try to post more pictures of my hair soon. The last few days have been heartbreaking, due to the early death of my best friend)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heart Broken Over a Man

I never would of thought that another man, would up and leave me breaking my heart. But it's not in the way under normal circumstances. This man was the greatest, he was built like a rock, spontaneous, so full of life and energy. I remember when we first met, after many late nights of facebook chats. He invites me over to his Halloween party. Normally I don't come out for stranger's invites, so I was like what the hell, bring some friends and have a blast. A blast I did have. What's so special about this party 3-4 years ago in his attic, was the spot where all my friends now gathered, even if we didn't speak to each other because we didn't know each other at the moment. Later one by one we came together strong, then one by one we drifted apart only leaving the strongest links. It's also the same party I met my boyfriend Ben, after I haven't seen him in years.
I remember the random adventures me and my friend would have downtown, partying in the clubs, ice rink, him teaching me how to ski (yes this black chicka was trying to learn how to ski), and how many accidents we would have. Heh I remember when I needed a place to stay, he let me stay he helped me out. If I needed something, he would be reluctant to help. He was the strongest in my eyes, though deep down inside he was hurting. Remember what you told me on Friday, that you missed your family and I told you to just hang in there everything will be ok? Why didn't you believe me and your friends? You had everything to live for, your friends, your son who is just the exact image of you, life itself. Man I never would of thought you check out early in life. So young, just too young.
We all make mistakes in life, we all do things that we shouldn't. But deep down does that make us bad? You were a great father, even if you didn't think you were. You made your son your top priority. I wish that you remembered that before taking matters into your own hands. You will be deeply missed by me and everyone else. Sleep well Joe, I do hope you found what you are looking for: Happiness...