Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 1

Earlier today I was tempted to put my $200 flat iron to my head, just because I was curious about how long my hair is, since my two month period with being natural is coming up soon. As I prepped for this tricky surgery, because the almighty knows that my hair is just a bush of tight curls and coils. I stopped. I couldn't put that heat on my curls. Not this early or hardly ever. So my curiosity will have to deal with two strand twists for now.

Now my hair is still short, and I know it's not at the length I want it to be for me to put twists in, so I did it anyway. Here's the funny end results:

As you can see I kinda look like Loc Dog's little sister (I love Don't Be A Menace), just without the condom wrappers and other random shiz in my hair. All I did was use Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch detangler, water, then after the twists use a little bit of oil. I didn't bother to make my sections look neat, I am just trying out a protective style and stretching my hair out without heat. Will talk about that stuff next time.