Monday, October 14, 2013

Hair Typing: Necessary or Unnecessary

Before my BC during my transitioning phase, I would always do my research on proper hair care with the usual YouTube/Facebook subscriptions. I have always noticed a handful of people would always mention "What is your hair type?" , "Are you a 3C? 4A?" and I would always be confused to what they were talking about, are they talking in code? It was shortly after they were talking about the hair typing system, which is a set system to determine what kind of hair you have and what methods you should take to properly take care of your hair.

The guide below shows the range of hair types females/males have, ranging from 1 being the straightest there can be, all the way up to the kinkiest which is 4C.

Now to get to the point. I understand that this guide is supposed to help you figure out a course of action with your hair. BUT - Is it really needed? I mean during my journey, I watched females obsess over hair typing of others or themselves and break a sweat doing it. I am not saying everyone worries about what kind of hair they have, but the numbers or getting up there. In my honest opinion, the only thing you should worry about is what is good and what is bad for your hair.

Our hair isn't just mainly one type, many can have three different types of hair textures on their head. How do you cater to the randomness on your head? As for me? What's my hair type? I don't even bother trying to type it. Not saying I never will attempt to find out, but right now I am close to my 2 month mark, and I am not even worried about it and you shouldn't either. Again this is my own opinion. I obsess over my hair just enough without knowing my hair type. I already know what's going to make my hair nice, shiny and give it a lift. I know what's going to make my hair dryer than the Sahara Desert and how to remedy it. Hair typing to me is just you know, "Meh". If it works for you, the more power to you to decoding your hair workings.

In the words of Sweet Brown - Hair typing? "Ain't nobody go time for that!"