Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heart Broken Over a Man

I never would of thought that another man, would up and leave me breaking my heart. But it's not in the way under normal circumstances. This man was the greatest, he was built like a rock, spontaneous, so full of life and energy. I remember when we first met, after many late nights of facebook chats. He invites me over to his Halloween party. Normally I don't come out for stranger's invites, so I was like what the hell, bring some friends and have a blast. A blast I did have. What's so special about this party 3-4 years ago in his attic, was the spot where all my friends now gathered, even if we didn't speak to each other because we didn't know each other at the moment. Later one by one we came together strong, then one by one we drifted apart only leaving the strongest links. It's also the same party I met my boyfriend Ben, after I haven't seen him in years.
I remember the random adventures me and my friend would have downtown, partying in the clubs, ice rink, him teaching me how to ski (yes this black chicka was trying to learn how to ski), and how many accidents we would have. Heh I remember when I needed a place to stay, he let me stay he helped me out. If I needed something, he would be reluctant to help. He was the strongest in my eyes, though deep down inside he was hurting. Remember what you told me on Friday, that you missed your family and I told you to just hang in there everything will be ok? Why didn't you believe me and your friends? You had everything to live for, your friends, your son who is just the exact image of you, life itself. Man I never would of thought you check out early in life. So young, just too young.
We all make mistakes in life, we all do things that we shouldn't. But deep down does that make us bad? You were a great father, even if you didn't think you were. You made your son your top priority. I wish that you remembered that before taking matters into your own hands. You will be deeply missed by me and everyone else. Sleep well Joe, I do hope you found what you are looking for: Happiness...