Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Strand Twist and Two Month Period Pt 2

Back with Pt 2! For this part I meant to put up a photo of my end result with my twist out. Unfortunately it slipped my mind to take pics, and the only photos of me with my hair out that day is in a dark restaurant. BUT soon as I get home from work, if I do twist my hair up before bed I will definitely show off. Other than that the end result I had to me was amazing, although I kinda looked like one of those oversized blush makeup brushes (lmao!!!). The twists really did stretch my hair out, not 100% but you can definitely tell. So I may try to add twists into my routine from time to time. I still do think and plan on safely flat ironing my hair as I was tempted before, but will not for a long long time.

As of 10/27/13, I've been natural for two months! Woohoo! Some thought I would hate it, but I absolutely love it! Even my friends love the curls. I am pretty sure my beautician would of thought I given up by now, but nope. Not going back to that cream of crack, don't need that harsh chemical on my head no more. To add I am not implying he is a terrible person. My beautician is a wonderful man, who did my hair since I was a child. But times have changed and some sacrifices had to be made. I do miss sitting in his chair, having our little talks, "see ya next time J". But right now I don't see any reason of me going there. I do all my treatments, wash my own hair, it saves me money. Maybe sometime down the line, I'll see him and he'll see how healthy my hair is.

My routine other than increasing my conditioning has not changed. Mainly everything is the same with washing with a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, oils and leave in. I don't have any special concoctions, or special way of detangling my hair. Just take my vitamins, keep up in spirits with my life, and some TLC. Other than that my journey's been great and it will continue for all eternity and all that other good stuff :)