Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Months Natural :)

So I took a picture or two of my hair. To be honest....I don't know to do with it hahaha! I kinda look like a hot mess. The curls are *there* but then there is all that extra nonsense like I just got out of bed. I am trying to figure out styles that I can wear, so I won't have to either two strand twist (which is not going to be attempted again, till my hair is longer - the struggle -) or banding all the time, which leaves like little balls of coils at the ends, that tends to get tangled up. Sounding like a hater am I? I don't hate my hair, just the length and difficulty since I am so use to working with longer hair. I just can't seem to find a good style to keep my hair in. But with all this I am still moving onward and upward with my hair journey. Just gotta learn to be patient (no but seriously hair, hurry up and grow! :D ).
Oh sorry if the last photo came out wrong like my hair has red ash in it or something. The light reflected against my natural color.