Friday, January 16, 2015

Product Review: Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter

I thought about writing about this product asap after trying it. More like had to use it. If there are any misspellings, bear with me since I am typing this from my phone. Now I've been mainly using a cleansing conditioner, before that sulfate free shampoos. I mentioned before I was using Renpure Solution's cleansing condish, and it works wonders leaving my hair clean and nice. I ran out of the miracle on a day when I didn't have the money to get more, as well as my head needed to be clean and co wash wasn't going to help.
I got this shampoo as a matter of fact a few weeks ago by accident, since I use the condish version as a pre poo/deep condish. Little did the shampoo contained SLS, then was faced with a decision to use it or not. I'm hear thinking "Oh what's the harm, I'll just deep condish, apply my oils and butters and be set.
Fast Forward. No. No. No. I was wrong. I had twist my hair into two parts, slept on it. Next day my hair was crispity, crunchity, crackly. Everything was tangled up, so so dry. I mean my ends do need a little trim again. But it doesn't mean my hair should be as dry as the Sahara. I had to really rub some elbow grease to get my hair from looking like scarecrow.
To get to the point, thumbs down. Allll the way down. Maybe I didn't use enough oils, I did think that it was not going to be much drying because of the Shea and almond. I was so so wrong. But do try the conditioner, its still good. Just the shampoo according to my hair, a POS. Ingredients in the pics.
Always check your ingredients, even if the front talks about being natural. Lesson learned. See ya on the flip side. (There are no pictures to show my disaster since I was too mortified to take pics. Then again y'all don't need to see that!)