Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've Got It Twisted! - My First Yarn Twist Extentions

This is the very first time I've added "hair" to my own head. I've never worn a weave and most likely never will, but I did research into African threading, but felt like it wasn't for me, and then I came across yarn twists/braids. I was skeptical about this at first, having some foreign objects attached to my hair. But Halloween was coming soon, and my little crazy twists and shrinkage was not going to make my costume look awesome. It took me about 9hrs to install, what helped was YouTube and my hair already twisted. I made them to arm pit/bust level instead of a waist length. Don't really need to be ridiculous for my first time haaha. I've had these in since 10/30/14 and now I just want them out (Yea I can't sit still with these lol). Least I kept them in for almost a week. It's just good to know that if I wanted to protect my hair, as well as give me a short break from styling my own hair. I have an option not to use weave, and it's fun to wear as well giving you a different look! You use 100% Acrylic yarn, wool will rip your hair out, cotton will turn it to dust (from what I heard). Also make sure your hair is moisturized before hand. And ladies just like with weaves n wigs, you STILL have to keep your hair and scalp in check. Moisture lovies! Moisture!
The cons of this project were during the installation you WILL be twisting your hair as you lock the yarn in place twisting the two sections. It WILL hurt, so as a suggestion either try to hold the position and gently twist your roots back to relieve some tension, or keep it going till you're done. It's better to do this on a decent sized patch of hair just in case you break off a section. Another con is your hair picking up fuzzies from sweaters and them also collecting on your ends too. Yarn is going to attract lint, cat hair, etc. Then again my regular hair does as well lol, but I find it more annoying since I have a lot of twists floating around.
Also to add this: Yes I know some of my ends are a bit flayed out, my palm rolling game when I was burning was not with me yet. This is my FIRST time. Natural hair care whether fake or not is a learning process, and I am learning every step of the way. I only say this because the other day on Facebook in one of the natural hair groups I'm in, I was called out in a rude manner about my ends and why my picture was a screenshot from Instagram (really????). I love when people give me tips and solutions, but not when people sit there and nit pick "Is your ends supposed to look like that :/" , "Yea this is why I don't like yarn?" , "Have you tried Marley hair?". I mean if I see something wrong with a style, I do not just throw the shade level at high. I give out a suggestion. These two girls I always felt like because they are the "admins", they act so high and mighty and if your twist out isn't perfect they'll tell you or someone else they that are very cool with that your shit looks fucking ugly as sin. I don't roll that way. There is a difference between constructive criticism while keeping positive, and just being a plain bitch. So another group I may soon leave. I don't do coonery shit.
Other than that I will leave some pictures and a link to the video that helped me get started here :) (Hair | Yarn Twists) Until next time!