Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My New Dryer!

For weeks going into months, I've been wanting a bonnet hair dryer. Something that will help me with my deep conditioning sessions, instead of waving my blow dryer around my head for 15 minutes. Of course bonnet dryers are not cheap, they normally run $44-65+. Something I don't exactly have just laying around. Ok more like I do have the money, but have better things to buy with it like food and I don't play the ramen noodle game anymore. One day while I was scrolling thru my hair groups on Facebook, I came across the "alternative". An soft bonnet dryer. I checked it up at Sallys, $20 (A lil less if you are a Sally's club member so I got it for like $17) half the price of the hard bonnet. Why the hell not?
It's pretty easy to use. Just attach the hose to your blow dryer, set it on low heat, adjust the bonnet on your head and flip the switch. I've used it twice and so far I love it! All I do is put on my puffy helmet, play a video game or read a book as I'm laying down in bed. Something you CANNOT do with a hard bonnet dryer. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't know where to set it in my apartment. My cousin thinks I look special ed, and that it's "lazy". Psssh! I may look silly, but when my twists are on point.... ;)
Below are two pictures of the box and what the bonnet looks like on my head (don't mind the creepo smile). The box includes a zip up bag so you can store your bonnet in. Very convenient if you are traveling. Wise Words of Wisdom: The end of the hose is kinda small, if you have a wide blow dryer, getting the hose on will be some work. A way around it is if you have an nozzle attachment. Use that slide the hose over the narrow part, and fit it over the blow dryer for a snug fit.