Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sock Bun Tutorial! A Safe and Witty Trick for Natural Hair!

Ok now we all been to Sally's or any other beauty supply store, the mall etc (you get the picture). I'm sure you seen products like "Hot Buns" or other knock offs that will give you that perfect bun. But there is that thought "is this safe for my curly hair?" Because most of these bun accessories have little air holes in them. I will be honest with you, I myself absolutely do NOT trust them. Only because of the holes, and I have this vision that my curls like vines creep through those holes, and rip my hair out to shreds. No no no no no! I am good on that. But not all is lost, you can still possibly use a stocking sock to cover the bun of course duh! Well what if you don't have a bun handy? Let alone a lot of hair and you want to just rely on your hair. Here is a quickie that will help you out and maybe save some dollars and a trip.

First supplies you will need:

*Regular knee high stocking socks, preferably black to match your hair. You can get these at the dollar store, 3 pair for like $2.

Step 1: Take one knee high stocking from the package, no need to stretch it.

Step 2: Cut the off the foot end off the sock, not too much like 1 - 1 1/2 in. Toss that baby over your back, never to be seen again...until you clean your room.

Step 3: Starting from either end, roll the sock into itself forming a "doughnut" until you run out of fabric.

There you completed the first part of the sock bun! Of course you can use a regular old sock from your drawers, but I find the knee high stockings to be more convenient, and better for my hair instead of rubbing against cotton. Now for the fun part, the bun. This is done on stretched hair of course. You can stretch your hair the night before by doing twists, braids, bands, blow out etc:

Step 4: Gather all of your hair gently pulling towards the back. Make sure it's smooth out all around. Figure out where you want to place your bun, either high, med or low. Now make a ponytail and stretch and pull your hair to make sure it's as long as possible.

Step 5: Take that sock bun you just made and slip it around your ponytail down to the base of it.

Step 6: Spread your hair around the sock bun evenly as possibly, till its covered. Now you can do one of two things. You can either enlist the aid of another pony holder to hold your hair down, and tuck in the ends. Or you can try tucking it underneath the sock and use bobby pins to hold in place if needed.

Step 7: Tame any sections of hair stick out and about, with a tool of your choice (brush or comb etc), use a little gel, hair pins or both to keep them down. And presto! You have a cute bun on your head!

I do hope this helps anyone who is floating around that awkward, my hair is long but not quite stage. Who long to wear buns on their heads. Trust me I know how that's like. Until then see ya on the flip side!