Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Length Check/Happy One Year

On 8/27/13 I woke up after a night of drinking down my troubles with my hair, chopped off my ponytail and decided to go further. I went to my beauty salon and told my beautician's daughter, I needed a to cut my hair. She thought I meant a trim, I said "No I mean everything that is permed." Now here a year later, my hair reached collarbone length. I remember being told that I would get sick and tired of my natural hair, and just return to the perms. Yes sometimes my hair frustrates me, Frolisha and I don't always get along. I have no desire to relax my hair. No more scalp burns for me, no more thinning hair, no more limp tresses.
This year has be great to me (hair wise), I plan on continuing learning my hair and ways to keep it healthy. Of course I am still going for to grow as long as possible.  It took only a year to go from twa to collarbone. I am hoping to get to APL (arm pit length) by early next year. Fingers are crossed and so are the toes! See ya on the flip side, here are some pics of my hair before I did a lil trim of the ends.