Friday, July 4, 2014

Uncle Tom's Corner: What is #Teamnatural To You?

I've been meaning to write this blog for a minute, just didn't have the time due to being busy. Within a short period of time I've have made some changes within myself. It all started the day before yesterday while surfing through one of the natural hair groups on Facebook, someone posted an article the Curly Nikki featuring a white woman with curly hair. I read it and applaud the woman for accepting her own natural beauty. I was like "Yes another not conforming to societal beauty standards!" but as I scrolled down the comments left were very heartbreaking to me. Apparently a lot of black females disapproved of this "white" woman and Nikki for featuring it. Some threaten to leave, while others huffed and puffed how they feel that she cannot be part of the natural movement.

Let me pause for a second: I always have thought the natural movement, was about not conforming to what society deems "beautiful" not just with hair, but body as well. I also thought it was about encouraging people to accept and work with what you got. If you got frizzy hair, you can work it, tight coils, girl find you some earrings and wedges and a nice scarf. I thought the movement was to help everyone. Ok let's press play.

In one of the groups that this link to the article that was posted, there was a heated discussion over it. Basically the whole group's wall lit up with discussions. I of course put in my two cents....then I was not directly called out by my name, but from one user's comment she said black people are blind and that the people that weren't with the movement are a bunch of Uncle Tom's and support white supremacy. Another female told me directly that I was wrong and that the natural movement was more than what I've stated and that I should be supporting only people in my community. I would post the comments, but I have long left the group. Not because it was hot in the kitchen, but because many of the members views are not of my own as well as just love to argue. Some people just don't know how to agree to disagree.

I guess for some the natural movement is all about, accepting our hair for what it is. Not conforming to the European standards of beauty, getting pass all the challenges and struggles of black hair, fighting the discrimination that black hair face, or what people consider it "nappy". Years of oppression, conformity, bullying, the black struggle....wait what? Ok ok ok so apparently it has a deeper meaning to some. So I can see how some would be miffed about a white female wanting to join the "movement", she cannot relate. Her kind has never faced oppression....but honestly some things should be left in the past.

My grandmother taught me to not live in the past, but remember it and think about what you can do now to make a better future. Isn't this "exclusion" in a way like segregation? I understand what happened, but why feed into it? My problem is how many black females are facing oppression that raised hell over a simple article? How many go thru the black struggle? To be honest....I do not even know what the black struggle is. I've never been oppressed, I've never been taunted because of my race or stereotyped, I've never been singled out, I've only been 10 months natural and work for a local police department, rocked my fro out and never been told that my hair was "unacceptable". You're probably thinking I grew up in the burbs. No. I grew up poor living in the projects, my grandmother did her best to make sure I got what I needed. I participated in activities throughout my youth, she taught me how to speak like I got good sense, be a lady and carry myself, work hard, go thru highschool, went to college, got my degree. I've may have been slightly poor, but never went thru any trouble. So does this mean I cannot be a part of #Teamnatural ? because I've also let go of the past as well. There is no point in blaming someone for something they didn't do directly themselves. That's like if my great great grandfather shot and killed someone, they blame me for it.

So in conclusion I am no longer repping #Teamnatural , it's not for me because my views are white washed by the white man I guess. I cannot and will not exclude anyone out due to race. Black, white, Asian, Indian, they are all part of my vision of the natural movement. I live in a diverse city and been amongst races from all around the world. It's just the way I am and my grandmother is proud of me. I'm repping #Teamjessica from now on since it wouldn't be fair for this Uncle Tom to rep something that she doesn't belong in and never experienced the struggle.

Everybody Love Everybody <3

PS: What does #Teamnatural mean to you?

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