Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mini Twist - First Attempt to Protective Style/Fail

Last week Tuesday/Wednesday I had did my first attempt in a protective style. Following in the footsteps of Whitney (Naptural85) I tried out mini twists. It took me only a day only because my hair isn't super long, but long enough and I rushed a wee bit. After I was done, I was on top of the world! My hair had some hang time, even though it didn't really show my true length. I had visited my boyfriend, whipping my hair around with a goofy smile on my face. As the day went by, my twists set and stretched a little....but....I slowly felt restricted. Now you see I've never had my head mini twisted before. So this was very foreign to me. 
The more time in the day goes by, the more I wanted them out. I turn to my online group and one person said "Challenge yourself". My response? Nope they are coming out. In by Wednesday, out by Friday afternoon. As much as I wanted to give myself a change/protect my hair I couldn't deal with the twists. I love running my fingers along my curls, yes I do have a HNH (hand in hair) problem. I haven't gone bald yet, knock on wood (lol). I was much happier without them in, I felt free as a bird. Will I ever do them again? Don't know. Will I ever do any type of protective style? Who knows. So far my hair has come this far, without some type of protective styling. So I really don't think its all that necessary. But hey who knows what the future may hold for Frolisha. Until then, puffs and bows, puffs and bows.
Here are two photos of my short lived twists (sorry for the cross face, I was tired in both pics ):