Friday, June 13, 2014

We Have Growth!

I have unlocked the Collarbone/shoulder length achievement award!....and then I gave myself a little trim, since my ends were crying for help ahahaha! Yes I know my hair looks terribly uneven still, where's the length? and ratchet. You should of seen it a few months ago. It's the way my hair is. Parts of my hair grow faster than the rest. Still playing catch up with the top of my head, but it's getting there. But I am very very very happy with my progress and body. My baby is filling in nicely. It takes time, trial and error and patience growing your hair out (believe me I know). Hopefully I'll reach my mini goal of armpit length by the end of the year, or beginning of 2015.
My hair is looking a bit better than the last time I flat ironed. I know I look like a hot mess, only for these reasons: 1 - I never go above 350 when flat ironing my hair, so I don't really get that "bone" straight hair. I am too afraid to go above that temperature, because I do not wish to acquire heat damage. So call me a wimp. 2 - It was getting hot in my bathroom! As I was flat ironing, my hair started to fight back and curl up. The humidity was its fuel and the fact my hair is a rebel.