Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1st Pre Poo Pictorial

Hey peeps! I thought I would try something new. I wanted to share how I "pre poo" my hair for extra moisture. Since I am cam shy as well as a non owner of fancy camera equipment (and the way my bathroom is set up, I would end up dropping my own cam in the bathtub or something), I decided to do a pictorial. This is my first one so bear with me. Now just to say, this may or may not be for your hair, some will say its unnecessary, same say it's not. It's YOUR hair, you do what you think it's best. For those in the baby stages of the natural hair life, "Pre pooing" is when you use a conditioner (preferably a cheapie one) and/or oil to add and detangle your hair, before you actually wash it. I do not do it religiously. I have been doing this for the past couple of washes, since I felt my hair would like the extra moisture. This weather's been acting bi-polar on me, so I have to adapt. Now lets get started!
*Things you will need*
-Shampoo, your cheapie (dollar store) conditioner and regular conditioner
-Spray bottle with room temperature water
-Wide tooth comb and/or Denman brush (<--Which is AMAZING!)
-Couple of bands, clips, ties, whichever you prefer to use to part your hair in sections (if its long enough)
1 - Part your hair in sections. I part my hair in six sections as shown here, since it is just a curly mess. Big sections for me will not work. The smaller the sections, the easier the detangling life will be.
2 - Unclip one section and spray it down like its no body's business. (I sometimes get a little carried away with the spray bottle) 
3 - Next grab your cheapie conditioner. Now for the pre pooing process, you do not "need" to buy an expensive conditioner. Just go to the dollar store, find something that will work that is hydrating. I like to use Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple (sometimes V05 Raspberry). Work your condish in as shown in the next three pictures (sorry for the blurry pic).

4 - Detangle with your wide tooth comb and/or Denman brush. I like to use both, wide tooth first, then gently use my brush after, to catch all my tangles and knots. There are times when my shed hair loves to knot up on another strand creating a super long piece. I depend on my fingers/brush to search and destroy by simply cutting it out.
5 - Twist and clip up your hair and you're done with that section. Move on to the next one.
*End Result*
This is the amount of hair that came out during detangling. Very little huh? This will help greatly after you wash your hair and use your regular conditioner.
And you successfully pre poo! Yay! But it doesn't end there:
-Leave in the condish for about 5-10 minutes. (Note: Do not take out your clips during wash or else your hair will tangle back up again!) Then rinse it out, but there is a special way of how I do it. I recently learned this from Naptural85.
 -Instead of washing your cheapie condish out, then shampoo etc. Try applying shampoo while you *still* have the conditioner in your hair. Then wash, and add your regular conditioner, leaving it for 10 minutes (or be like me eat dinner and play a game and 30 minutes go by lol).
That's what I do that is not shown, with the rest of my wash.
*Helpful Tips*
~When first applying your conditioner mix, oil, whatever you may use. Try massaging the product in good with your finger times. Go from root to tip, make sure each hair is coated.
~Whenever I first apply my shampoo, I tend to lean over in the tub and massage my scalp. It's kind of a lazy "inversion" method. But I work my scalp to increase blood flow to my scalp, to help promote growth.
~If you can help it, try not to clog your scalp with multiple oils. I try not to put oil on my scalp, unless I really need too. We have a natural oil called Sebum that keeps our scalp from drying out. Oils can be helpful but clog up the pores. I like to let my hair "breathe" from time to time. I know weird hearing this from a black female right?
That is it for this pictorial. I do hope that I was able to help out a newly natural lady/male. Because that is what I here for to share/learn as I go along this journey. See ya on the flip side!